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  1. #2 Mar 13, 2010
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2010
    First post!!!

    Help me find red velvet calypsos size 38,38.5,39, or 39.5!!

    Please Please Please!! :flowers:
  2. second post!!!!

    these are LONG shots, but still gotta try!

    red patent castillanas size 35-36
    blue jean ostrich leg HP or SP 35.5 - 36
    PLEASE!!!!! :tender:

  3. Thanks for the new thread!

    I'm looking for Big Kiss flats (39 or 39.5) and Candy flats (39.5) either black or red, but slightly prefer red.
  4. Electric Blue Suede Declics in a 38.5 or 39!
  5. Maudissimos in Black or Nude in a 39 or 39.5


  6. Lady Page in Grey.. Size 39 or 39.5 pleeeeeeeease :faint: :girlsigh:
  7. I posted in the old thread yesterday so hope it's okay for me to post again:

    I'm looking for lavender patent altadama 140s in size 40 / 40.5 / 41.

    I have found them in Miami but was hoping to get them closer to home, ie Europe or the UK.

  8. I'm looking for Candy flats (the lace ones, not the suede ones) in 39 or 38,5
    Black or red, i prefer black
  9. Oh where oh where have my Yellow Joli's gone?
    Oh where oh where could they be?
    In a 36.5 or 37
    And the Dorcet style
    Oh where oh where could they be?
  10. I'm keen to find the aqua Poseidon in a 41, preferably in the UK but would take anywhere. Does anyone know if the London boutiques would have these?

  11. ^^^ i believe the aqua is only available in the US.
  12. graffiti miss boxe 36.5-37!
  13. Black, Elephant or Beige Piro.... 39-39.5 (sale only....new or gently pre loved) :flowers:
  14. As naked said, they are only available in the US. Believe me, i tried everywhere!!!!! I double checked with Louboutin and they confirmed this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.