Help me find the perfect everyday bag!

  1. You ladies have been so helpful with other TPFers' requests, I was hoping you could help me choose the perfect everyday (work/play, day/night) bag.

    I carry a lot of stuff. No matter how many new bags I purchase, I still end up grabbing for my Coach Hamptons Weekender tote as an everyday bag (or, as my one friend calls it, "the luggage.") It's starting to fall apart, and I hate that the zipper doesn't completely close the bag. I'm looking to replace it with something just as roomy, but with a nice top zipper.

    I want it to hold what I consider to be the "essentials": wallet, keys, cell phone, agenda, cosmetic case, umbrella, pen, work ID, water bottle, sunglasses, snacks. I prefer black, but I have no preference as to fabric/leather/etc, as long as it's durable. I don't want to spend more than ~$2000, because it's going to take a beating if I use it almost every day.

    Some ones I've considered/purchased:
    Chanel GST (no top zipper)
    Chloe Large Paddington (possibly too heavy)
    Kale XL Utility Carryall
    Burberry Harris Linden Tote (too structured, great for going into court, but not as an everyday bag)
    Gucci Abbey Medium Tote (too small)

    I'd really love your suggestions! Thanks!
  2. What about Balenciaga? They are lightweight, durable (at least relatively), and sophisticated. They have a variety of sizes, and would fit into your budget with no problem.
  3. For just a tad more I suggest the Chanel new MC tote :smile: I am using that as my everyday bag now and LOVE IT. I have never had an everyday bag before and finally ended the search with that. It fits comfortably on the shoulder even while filled and is stylish enough to transition from day to night, since the caviar is glazed :nuts: Extremely durable as well.
  4. Thanks Kathy K! I've started lurking in the B-bag forum because it seems like they have quite a following! Do you have a preferred style?
  5. Chakakhan, depending on what size you need, I'd suggest the City or the Part Time. There are also larger styles. The b'bag forum has loads of pictures of each of the styles. The leather is just amazing. I am inferring, since you talk about going to court, that you are an attorney. If your style is conservative, then Balenciaga has a number of colors that might suit you (black of course, but also a number of other neutrals). If you can get away with "pop" colors, then you'll be amazed by their bright colors.

    Let us know what you decide!
  6. i also suggest balenciaga. i have a hobo that is 2 and half years old and it's been used a lot and still looks good. it's a dark emerald green colour and while it has signs of use, darkened handle, etc., it's the type of bag where using it adds a certain patina and doesn't take away from its beauty. just don't get a balenciaga in a light colour and you'll be fine.

    it's not anything like a tote but the chloe betty is also something to consider, in large or the elusive medium (if you can track one down that is).

    a cheaper alternative is marc by marc jacobs. i have a black turnlock satchel that has been used and abused and still looks exactly like it did the day i got it. it's unbelievable how sturdy and durable that bag is, the leather is thick yet so soft and deliciously slouchy.

    my peacock blue marc by marc jacobs hobo, the same age, is similarly resistant.

    my chloe paddington shopper is brand new so i can't guarantee how durable it will be but it certainly looks and feels like a sturdy bag. the only thing i'm not 100% sure of is that the black hardware won't eventually get scratched and scruffed.
  7. I actually like the Chloe paddy medium (I've never seen or held the large IRL to know how heavy it is) as an everyday bag. It is just wonderful leather, looks great with casual or work clothes, holds ALOT of things, I don't find it really heavy and it can be carried on your shoulder, handheld or on your arm. But I just really like that bag :smile:
  8. i go with balenciaga too! it's really versatile and durable (especially so if you pick a dark colour!) (:
  9. i will also toss my vote for balenciaga, i bought my first bbag + an accessory a month ago and i haven't looked back. I don't even use other bags anymore, the leather is beautiful, it's a very classic detailing, very light weight, all around :tup:!

    i bought the truffle which is a nice brown if you want something other than black and yea, the work bag could do well or the part time

    If you want bigger, the weekender is a monster!
  10. Mulberry Bayswater. Good quality leather and looks better with age. Would fit all you could possibly need. :tup:
  11. always have such good suggestions!!
  12. CompassRose, thanks for the kind comment :smile: I was actually about to suggest a fabric bag from an Etsy seller (my preference actually :smile:) but it doesn't have a top zipper.
  13. Mulberry Elgin? It's a large tote that can fit on the shouler. The chocolate darwin leather is lovely!