Help me find the best buy

  1. On either a bourbon Jillian or Ada. I decided I need either of these. :p

    Thanks, Ladies!
  2. Not much to choose from out there. I searched the online sites and unless you want to pay retail, there isn't much except a black on on PinkMascara for 505. (Big sale huh?)

    eBay is the obvious. Two Jillians. The one seller has 12 feedback but he's been listing alot of bags recently from the Sample sale so I assume they are okay.
    Thre Adas starting at around 299.00. That's about it in a nutshell.

    Seems like the eBay Rush from the SS is over. You maybe better grab one now while you can unless some have been saving their bags for a later date when less bags are up. There were 9 Jillians up last week when I was looking. Now only 2.

    Oh and remember Grace, That Ada is a Gazillion pounds...LOL
  3. I work out with heavy weights, I can probably handle it. LOL But honestly I'd rather have the Jillian, I like it a bit better, less stud action and it's more 'me,' if that makes sense.
  4. Grace, I workout with heavy weights too, and I mean ~heavy~ but that Ada was too much for me.

    The Jillian was just right. Just know that neither bag is a true shoulder bag. I can fit my Jillian on my shoulder in a pinch but it is close, up under my arm pit. But I love that bag and always feel great carrying her.

    Good luck finding one at a great price. I think eBay is the place to go if you are comfortable. You could email wowtag or Lninos, two great Ebay sellers, and ask if they have one or can get one for you, their prices are great, especially if you buy direct from them. I emailed them when I was on the hunt for mine, as I recall they discounted about 25-30% off retail. I happened to find mine from Rosenpetals here and got hers instead.
  5. Wow really that bad, huh? Well ok I'll see what I can find via emailing some of the regular sellers. I'm not paying retail for it, that's for sure. I imagine if I keep watch out, a Jillian will turn up at a good price. I think one was listed today in the sand as well. I'll be watching that baby!
  6. I'm watching that one. I wrote that person yesterday, requesting pictures of the actual bag and trying to tempt them to put the bag on a BIN. As you can see, my persuasion technique needs work. :p
  7. Grace, I often make a BEST OFFER anyway. About 8 times out of 10 they take it and close the auction for me. It cannot hurt to try.
  8. Good idea! I'll try that.

    Of course now I'm wondering if I shouldn't branch out a bit. This Michael Kors satchel has caught my eye. Whaddya think of it?
  9. Oh, is that the Woodside satchel??? I almost bought that about a year ago. I liked the MK Astor bag I had but I hated how the Zippers were and how it was awkward getting into the bag so I sold it. It was a lovely bag though.
  10. Another Jillian was just listed, it is starting at 9.99 with a Reserve, so if you feel lucky, you could do that, the seller has a better feedback.
  11. Neiman Marcus First Call sale has Ada at $484 in Terraine. Not a great great deal but brand spanking new! A few others too like a black Jessie at $371. Paige's at $484 as well.