Help me find my perfect first Coach!

  1. I'm looking to buy my first Coach. We're (hopefully) heading to the new Grand Prairie outlet in the next few weeks but I kind of want to get an idea of what I'm even looking for in case I have to resort to eBay or whatever for my perfect bag.

    I'm looking for a larger bag. Must have exterior pockets!!! Shoulder bag with a 7-10in handle drop.

    I'm currently looking at:
    (these are style numbers)
    15286, 17721, 17728 and 20361.

    I love the black embossed patent bag but I feel like I have a MILLION black purses - legit, my past two purse purchases have been solid black. I LOVE the metallic look right now.

    I also really like 16050, but I don't like the stars.. I think.

    Can anyone point me to authentic eBay sellers with bags in my specifics? or even style numbers for me to look at:smile:

    Thank you!
  2. IMO the Glam tote is the best option in your choices. The Poppy Spotlight is a cute bag but I gave mine to my daughter - it's not something I personally would use in many situations, I also think you would not find it often at an outlet, but there are heaps of Glams at outlet and online factory sale right now.

    The MFF totes you show are a bit on the small side. They also have break-away zipper which some people abhor. The Glam has a full top zipper.

    Since it's your first Coach, you might want to reconsider the metallic thing though. Not sure how the metallic leather Glams are holding up - but metallic leather in general has a propensity for wear.

    You may be able to find a Katarina at outlet - I don't have one myself but many ladies here love that bag. It's a very classy looking leather, quite versatile.

    There's an MFF Penelope leather tote with exterior pocket that looks good online. It's divided, with an inner zip section, and the outer sections snap together. It comes in black but also coral, cornflower blue and beige. I think the coral would be a great year-round color, too.

    Also - an MFF Embossed Gallery Patent Tote (F19818) - looks larger than the one you showed. Comes in black, rose and white, I think the black looks great.

    My choice would be the following (if I didn't get a Glam) - the Gallery Leather Zipper tote ( F19456) in green. It's got zip sides - I haven't seen it in person but it looks quite lush for an MFF bag. Also comes in black and putty. I haven't seen anybody reveal it here so can only make an educated guess based on online photos from the factory sale but I think it looks great.

    Good luck!
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    The Katarina is the perfect first bag, I love mine, but it doesn't have an outside pocket. It is at the outlets right now. There is a Patent leather Paprika Katarina, champagne, camel, shimmer and signature, but they are getting harder to find. On eBay they are expensive compared to the outlet price. Here is the thread for Katarina's you can check out.

    I like lacey_stiletto's ideas as well.
  4. From what I can tell so far -- you want leather, with a front pocket, and the strap drop at less than 10" -- are there any other features you like? Chunky hardware vs something with minimal hardware, for example? Maybe a more classic/timeless piece? Or something more towards the trendy, funky, or unique side of things? When you say "large" -- do you want something big enough to fit something like a laptop? Or is it more of just a large purse? (Sorry for all of the questions - but I'm having fun trying to find a style for you! :biggrin: )

    Lacy posted some great suggestions, and I wonder if you may also be interested in the Poppy Pushlock Tote -- there are a number of colors available, in metallic and more natural colored leathers... If you want something even bigger, there are also Poppy Leather "Rocker" Satchels that may fit your needs... the Rockers come with handles and a longer detachable shoulder strap, so it does have the convenience of being convertible.

    I can't wait to see what you end up getting! And on that note --You could ask your question here to the SAs at the store, as well - make a list of your "wants" (or "don't wants") between now and then, and they could make some recommendations based on what inventory is in stock at that time.
  5. I would recommend looking at the Katarinas when you go to the outlet. I love the size and slouch of that bag, and it holds a LOT! It has been at the outlet for a bit, but there should still be some floating around.
  6. I would take a look at the ashlyn. It is a large bag but doesn't look it, had the most perfect cutest pocket on the outside. It's a super cute bag.
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    I don't really care about hardware or anything of that sort - I just want CUTE! I'm 20, so I want something that doesn't scream "mom bag". I'll never *carry* my laptop in my bag, but being big enough to be able to is fine. I don't want it to look like I'm carrying a beach bag around though haha!

    I don't really care if it's convertible, either, because like I said, I want the handles to be longer - no long strap needed:smile:

    & i LOVE the two poppy styles you suggested!

    I really like the Poppy Spotlight! I just don't know if the handles are long enough for me.
    I like the glam tote, kind of - but I think I need to see it in person. In some pictures, it looks juvenile to me? I guess.

    With the metallic thing, I'm just afraid I have so many black purses haha. I know that's silly because it's my closet, me carrying it, etc but seriously, my past two purses (so the past year or so) have been black! And I'm scared to branch out into color!

    I LOVE the MFF embossed patent you suggested - it looks more like a purse and less like a totebag. Same with the Penelope. Not really a fan of the zipper tote (or the green!). Wish it wasn't so basic. (also wish there were more pictures!!)

    not a fan of the katarinas though :sad:
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    I think you should try the Poppy Swing Hobo then. I have it in Tangerine and LOVE it. The strap drop is perfect over the shoulder, it comes with a crossbody strap, but you don't really need it if you like over the shoulder. The size is Perfect, not to big and not to small and has outside pockets. Here is a pic. It comes in different colors including metallic & black. I don't think it is at the outlets yet. Here is emilybug's reveal thread with modeling pics

  9. What's to be scared about color? Most coloured leather bags will actually "go with" most wardrobe colors. A purple or red bag will probably look better with brown or navy clothing than a black one!

    If its "bag attention" you're concerned about - that Spotlight is way more blingy than any coloured leather bag I own bahaha - but it's definitely a young bag IMO. Hubby bought mine for a cruise bag but I never used it after that, gave it to my daughter who loves it.

    The Glam totes are definitely not juvenile - they come in many different patterns and some leather colors. They are hugely popular here because they are very comfortable, deceptively spacious and come in designs to suit everyone.

    A really cute bag but probably too small for your needs ( and unlikely to be at outlet) is the New Willis. I would really recommend you check it out. It's young yet classic and comes in great solid colors and color block combinations.
  10. I have the Poppy Swing Hobo in black. In has a shoulder strap as well as a cross body strap. It fits an iPad, and also has two exterior pockets. It also comes in slate, tangerine, citrine, camelia, and slate. Very nice bag. That would be my vote.

    Poppy Glam would also be a good choice.