Help me find date code in Tresor wallet

  1. Does anyone else own the Monogram Tresor wallet? I can't find the date code in mine anywhere. I was at my LV store today (where I bought my wallet a month ago) and asked the SA to show me its location. She told me that she couldn't show me in front of me because it was top secret! Is this true that the owner can't even be shown this information? I thought that was ridiculous. She said that she could check for it in the back room but I had to empty my wallet first. I didn't want to go through all that trouble so I told her not to proceed. At the same time, I purchased a monogram pouchette cosmetique and can't seem to see a date code in that either. Can anyone help me with these two items and the locations of their date codes? Thanks very much in advance!
  2. :weird: Top secret? Anyway, the date code for your wallet should be hidden close to the seams inside one of the slots (if I'm not wrong it should be in the first slot-the 'pocket' facing you when you open your wallet). Sorry,my sis own one and I own the PTI but they're usually pretty hard to find.Just make sure you don't overstretch it:yes:

    As for the pouchette cosmetique.I don't know where but try close to the seams near the zip ,it should be there.Hope I helped.Have fun finding it;)
  3. Well..the SAs really aren't supposed to give out info like that. They aren't supposed to tell you how to interpret the codes either because they don't want that info to get passed onto those A+++ Replica producers so they can copy that, too.
    How often that rule gets followed is anyone's guess but it's just something they're really not supposed to tell you.

    But Lee's right, that's where the code is :smile:
  4. Learn something new everyday.I never asked them and now I know they won't tell me anyway:P Thanks Lvbabydoll :flowers:
  5. Lol no problem. :smile:
  6. Bought my pti last night, it is embedded in the front pocket on the seam. It is so dark you can barely even see it and would miss it for sure if you didnt specifically look there for it.
  7. :smile:
  8. Thanks for your help,everyone! I did manage to find the date codes for both my wallet and case.