help me find a white e/w with the bijoux chain& blk caviar jumbo w/ sHW on ebay

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  1. good price? thanks.
  2. My eyes are peeled! Can you give us a price range?
  3. 10% less than current retail would be awsome. but i want them brand spanking new.

    tks jenn, you're the bestest.
  4. I'll keep an eye out too. I'm on Ebay all the time.
  5. will keep an eye out~!
  6. tks, i don't surf ebay enough to spot these deals. very envious of the girl who got her e/w for 1149. great deal and an awsome bag.
  7. blk jumbo caviar?
  8. i can't find the listing anymore - i just had a brief search on ebay
  9. tks jen, but i'm looking for the jumbo w/ old silver chain. i actually bought this one, but then returned it, cuz the chain on this bag is actually longer than the jumbo w/ old chain. you're so great, tks for your help.