Help me find a suit please!

  1. I usually wear a dress size of 0 or 0P/2P. I'm looking for a classic and timeless suit so I'm trying to avoid trendy 3/4 sleeves and extra wide dress pants. I prefer black and would be open to grey as well.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I'm trying to keep costs as low as possible without skimping out on quality.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!
  2. I got a black pantsuit at the BCBG / Max Azria outlet. Each piece was on sale for <$100 and then there was an additional percentage off that weekend. I think it came to like $125 total. There were two different styles of jackets and the pants came in a few different styles and 3 different lengths. It's a realllly nice suit and it fits me so well I didn't even have to get it altered.

    If you have a BCBG outlet nearby it's worth taking a look... They had awesome deals!
  3. Thanks Claire! I was eye-ing a BCBG blazer that is $100 marked down from $300 online but couldn't find matching trousers.

    I will definitely
    try and find an outlet near me =)
  4. I am a 2p, and an attorney. I always have a black Ann Taylor suit in my wardrobe. They go from 00p on up. If you go with their tropical weight worsted wool you can't go wrong. Cost $150-$250 depending on whether I get lucky and hit a discount. Cost per wear, less than $1.
  5. I get mine from The Limited. I'm a size 0.
  6. I'm an attorney and have to wear suits every day. I also wear petite sizes so I stick to Banana Republic and JCrew for the most part. On both of their websites they have classic jackets with a variety of matching styles of pants and skirts.
  7. I would recommend Sisley if there's a store near you. I'm 5'2" and a size 0-2 depending on the brand and Sisley suits fit great on me. You would probably be a size 38 (Euro sizing). They have several pieces (skirt suits and pant suits) per season, and all are very classic. I would say a set will cost $300-400, but they often have sales where you can get 20-25% off.

    Benetton (same company as Sisley) also have suits but I do prefer Sisley because of the better material and cutting. Hope this helps!
  8. For petite suits I recommend Banana Republic's lightweight wool suits. The fabric is great (similar to Theory) and they are lined. They used to purchase the fabric from the same factory as high end labels. I don't know if they still do. Best of all they come with several different pant and skirt types in the same fabric so you can buy what suits your body.
  9. Thanks everyone!

    I picked up a couple of blazer and pants from BR but then I found a Theory blazer for the same price as the BR one so I returned the BR ones. Now my problem is pants. BR 0P is slightly too tight and 2P is too big (ARGH!) but the inseam is perfect.

    I also found 2 nice blazers at the BCBG outlet but all sales are final there and I just cannot commit to that... :p

    Also, any recs for button down shirts? I usually get them from Express because they wrinkle less but I like having options.

    Thanks again everyone!
  10. I would definitely go to Banana Republic, BCBG, or Holt Renfrew. I think all suits no matter what size are best when they get altered. It just depends on how much you want to spend. I had bought a suit for $350-375 at Aritzia (jacket and pants) and had it altered and had a suit from BCBG for about $550 and they both fit great.
  11. I'm a 00/0, and I like Theory suits. They go on sale at Nordstrom sometimes, they are very classic, and the quality is unbelievable. :tup: