Help me find a red bag!

  1. I have been wanting a red bag for ages. My ideal would be an MAM or Nikki in wine but I can't find them anywhere. The MA is a bit too big for my frame.

    I almost bought a Tano Vixen Van Go Go but the strap on the bag just doesn't do it for me. I don't want to "settle", but I need alternatives! So recommend away!
  2. Wow like the darker patents, Biasa,Marc J, and the Kooba. Good luck, I have a thing for red and green bags...
  3. Thanks for your suggestions mmc24! I love the Kooba Natasha and the Biasia but I'm aiming for something that's not patent. All the bags you posted are gorgeous, though!

    Keep 'em coming, ladies!
  4. What about the Coach Carly in Chili! It's SUCH a delicious red!

  5. I love LV red epi and Balenciaga reds!
  6. I am TOTALLY in love with that red Anna Corinna Miss Zipper Satchel! Anyways, enough lusting, here are my offerings:


    Marc by Marc Jacobs Patent Posh Turnlock Super K Bag

    Botkier Medium Bianca in Cherry,2172.htm


    Hayden-Harnett Mercer Satchel in Ruby

    Rebecca Minkoff Elisha bag in Berry
  7. The MBYMJ pushlock bag is super cute!!!
  8. How about RM Matinee in wine?


    Or Easy Bag
  9. louis vuitton vernis in pomme d'amour
  10. This TOD'S looks great in red, its the Tracolla Media
  11. riceandsoup- What is your price range? How tall are you? Do you prefer trendy or classic?