Help me find a messenger bag for my daugher

  1. My daughter's 15th birthday is next week and she would like to get a messenger bag. I had her look at a few websites and she found only one she sort of liked. Since everybody is so great with helping to find bags for others, I'm hoping you can help me! Plus, I don't know what is really "in" for her age. (I liked the Lesportsac Tokidoki but she sure didn't.)

    She likes this Sak bag at Zappos. She likes the smaller size (10.5x10.5), the color, the simpleness of it (no prints) but would really like something without a flap and buckles. :shrugs: (I :heart: :heart: :heart: the buckles!)

    If you know of anything similar to this please post! I would be so appreciative! :yes: Thanks!

  2. It seems like most messenger bags have a flap.

    Here's a Tumi that is nice, but a little bigger and I'm not sure if Tumi is hip with the younger crowd! But no hardware and buckles:

    vista messenger tumi.jpg

    Messenger - TUMI

    In the men's section of, there are also a bunch of messenger bags, but most have a flap.
  3. ^ I thought all messengers had flaps, too. :shrugs:
  4. I think most messengers have a flap, too... maybe she is looking for more of a cross-body bag? She likes a zip top bag -- her favorite bag right now is one of those woven The Sak bags that I bought many (many) years ago! But to wear it x-body, it's just too short.

    I like the one from lunaboston -- cute bag!!!

    And yep, she probably wouldn't go for the Tumi...

    Thanks for the replies!
  5. Thanks Mella! Those really are cute bags! I'm adding them to my list!

    I found a couple others at Zappos (and elsewhere) that I love, but not sure on her opinion yet:

    Kathy Van Zeeland Handbags Girls Gone Styled Crossbody (Oyster) - Cross Body

    Kathy Van Zeeland Handbags Most Wanted Nylon Crossbody Item (Khaki) - Cross Body


    The Sak Handbags The Boardwalk Top Zip (Copper) - Cross Body

    Last one is only about $50 at various websites and comes in brown, denim and black...

    They look "teenager"ish to me! :yes: Anybody have opinions on these?
  6. It's already been mentioned, but some of the bags at LeSportsac fit the bill. I just ordered a messenger bag for my 18 yr. old sister (delux everyday in schoolin') that looks like one your daughter might like...

  7. I agree, LeSportsac has lots of great bags, my sister only uses these bags and they come out with different prints every season. :smile:

    I don't know if this would be in your budget but have you looked at the Prada Classic Nylon bags at Neiman Marcus? There are some there that are really simple.
  8. Another option is Kate Spade. Their messengers come in many sizes and colors. They are very easy to take care of too. They are pretty simple and very rarely have buckles. check out this one.

    kate spade

    They are more expensive than the previous suggestions, but she will get a dust cover and stuff too. I think bags always seem so much nicer when they come with a designer logoed dust bag. Might be fun for her.
  9. i actually enjoy lesportsac bags at the outlet more then at dept. stores. 10x more variety. I love my zip top black messenger. Its great because its so versatile, and I can tie on fun scarves or accessorize it in different ways when I want to. Its basically a sporty blank canvas with substance.
  10. Maybe something from Kipling?