Help me find a gold streetshopper pm. . . PLEASE!

  1. I don't know if I am too late. . . it is waitlisted here in the philippines but I am not sure if the supply is enough that it could get to me since I had my name listed just recently. . . Please help me find one.

    If you've seen it anywhere near you please pm me or post on this thread

    Thanks so much!:heart:

  2. Which color are you looking :confused1:
  3. I saw both colors in smaller size at Troy MI boutique yesterday.
  4. Have you called 866? Perhaps they can track one down for you? :smile:
  5. thanks everyone. do they send international?
  6. I just back from LV store in JAkarta, Indonesia ( I live in another city ) and I saw they even have some pieces. Are you in Philipines?
  7. There is one posted on Let-Trade.
  8. Thanks everyone. I decided to pass on the bag as it is too bulky for me