Help me find a black rh work!

  1. Darlings, I am now in love with the WORK. It's true, I can't stop myself. Please help me find a smooshy thick work! TIA!:yes:
  2. Hee hee shasta, what about budget planning? :graucho:

    Shhh I won't tell!:sneaky:
  3. BTW I think HGBags has one on *bay right now, BIN price USD1295.
  4. Lol, you're incorrigeable!!!

    I think Hgbags has a 08 Black RH Work available
  5. Oops!!
    Didn't see that Jade had already posted about hgbags!
  6. Think I saw one at NM in White Plains NY last weekend.
  7. Is it the '07s that have the fading problem? At NM in Austin they had two black works (hiding away in their storage drawers), but I checked the tags and they were '07s.
  8. there's one at neiman's in sf...