Help me design/decide on my Bearn wallet?

  1. Ok, so after months of resistance I've decided to go forward and buy a Bearn (I want one). My current wallet is probably not going to hold out much longer and considering I tend to go through like 5 wallets every year, I sure hope Hermes holds up forever. I guess this will be the test. Besides, I've always love the design on the Bearn wallet.

    Anyways, I figure I want to save the ostrich and porosus (and nilo) for bags so that leaves pretty much lizard as the exotic choice for Bearn - unless they miraculously allow me to order a Bearn in pigskin or sharkskin ... I'm leaning toward NOT getting something in fuchsia/pink this time but I have not the slightest idea WHAT combo will be good. Since this may be my only Bearn wallet, i want it to pop! Soooo ... if any of you fabulous fellow tpf-ers can throw in ideas on this, that'd be great.

    All righty, so what color should I get for the follow part of the Bearn:

    - Overall color
    - Stitching
    - Hardware
    - Wallet Size

    I'm thinking of contrast stitching but with lizard, the scales are so busy that I'm not sure if having contrast stitching will make it too busy. Nonetheless, I'm interested in seeing your ideas and suggestions. TIA:flowers:
  2. Vert Anis or Violette Lizard would look great with your pink bags. Is there even an option of contrast stitching on the lizard?

    As for hardware--depends on your bags.

    Size--I like the full Bearn but haven't seen one in Lizard yet, only the compact Bearn.

    Honestly, I think your best bet would be to ask your SA to check the system to see what's available--sometimes having my choices limited helps me out! :smile:
  3. Lizard in Poudre.
  4. You know, I love mauve lizard, and I loved it on a mini kelly, but then I saw it on a wallet and just didn't like it :blink: My first choice then would have to be Petrol Blue lizard! I think it's a gorgeous color!!! Petrol Blue plus PH would be lovely! And the larger the wallet, the better, at least in my opinion ;)
  5. I saw a Rose Shocking in chevre, was stunning! but in lizard all the colors look very intense and good.
  6. Yeah...petrol blue!!! YUM!
  7. vert anis with PH. I think it would be lovely. I favor the compact bearn, but that's me.
  8. Lizard colors are extrordinary...but with an exotic skin, I don't think that you have the option of ordering a tri-fold (this is with full bearn). However, this is only ever a concern if you tend to carry around a lot of card, CCs, and receipts as I do.
    As a general endorsement, my primary wallet for several years has been a trifold in mysore and it has held up beautifully. And i put it through a great deal of wear and tear everyday, so the mysore does hold up, it just softens a bit.....but the HW scratches on all bearns, so ordering ruthenium might be something to think about, as it might obscure wear.
  9. Ok, so the votes so far are:

    Vert Anis: 2
    Blue Petrol: 2
    Poudre: 1
    Violet: 1

    Size: ???

    Keep them coming, ladies! As for contrast stitching, I'm not sure if they can do it at all ... I think it'd be unique if they can, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that if they do that, it'll be a special order and it may take up the store's special order quota or something? Also, my SAs can't seem to tell me whether Bearn wallets do come in ruthenium hardware; but I'm totally fine with PH if they don't have RH. I think RH on a lizard gives it an edge.
  10. no - I change my vote from Poudre to Petrol, so 2 petrol, 0 poudre.
  11. I'd say petrol and Bearn classique for you. Find something else to keep all your cards in if you have a great number of them. I use a Gucci ciggy case for that purpose.

    Hardware is a question of personal taste. I like the iciness of palladium.

    I've seen a bunch of red lizzies at FSH during 2006 and they looked really good. Not for me though, I'm too rough on stuff.
  12. I would defintely get PH with the bags that you want. In terms of colors that would complement fuschia, yet still pop, I'd also go with vert anis.

    I would not try and go through the hassle of a SO on a wallet - if you're having a hard time getting a bag SO'ed, I think the wallet would be a really long shot.
  13. Lets get a vote on the size and stitching colors. What stitching with what color lizard? I don't think they can specify stitching but it can still be fun to design it. That said, what stitching will be interesting on blue or green lizard?
  14. I love green lizard with chocolate stitching!!

    Still think the best skin for this type of wallet is chevre, though... :smile:
  15. It's true, kou. It's highly unlikely that your store would waste a good old SO on a wallet when they can use its quota on higher priced items. As a matter of fact, I wanted something "special" and was told very gently that it won't happen because of the reason I just mentioned.

    If you want a Bearn that will last forever, IMO, lizard isn't going to cut it. (sorry to say this)