Help me decide....

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  1. I vote for the LV, mostly because I really like the Cabas Piano :love: The Gucci is also very nice.
  2. I vote for the Gucci. The Guccissima stuff is fabulous in my opinion. :love:
  3. I like the gucci too, but I think they are all good choices and I usually don't like coach.
  4. i like the dior and then the gucci
  5. i think the dior looks the most elegant :smile:
  6. The Guccissima is beautiful. I haven't seen one in black, but I have it in brown. I love my bag. That's my number one choice.

    The Coach is appealing because of it's price point--but I think that style is too wide...
  7. i have the Gucci one in white, and i can tell you it's a fantastic bag. i use it for school sometimes, and it can hold my notebook/binder, pencil case, wallet, watter bottle and makeup! i vote for the Gucci.
  8. I like the Dior if you want black. If you want a tan/nude everyday then choose the LV =)
  9. I'm with Cristina, I pick the Cabas Piano too. It was my ol' faithful before I got distracted by a myriad of other bags and handed her over to mum:amuse: .

    Then, it's a toss up between the Gucci and Dior.
  10. I pick the Coach
  11. That Gucci is gorgeous. The lining is also incredibly cute. I just got the smaller version of that bag in brown. If I get another Guccissima someday I would get that medium tote in white.
  12. I like the Gucci as well.
  13. Lv
  14. I vote for the LV also.
  15. I'm going to Tysons Galleria in 2 weeks.Will have a chance then to see these bags in person.Really curious about the Gucci now since it seems to be the most favored bag........