Help me decide....

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  1. The link to the Gucci is just a link to the homepage, so I'm not sure what choice #3 is. I think the Coach is nice for everyday. Plain and sturdy. I am not an LV fan, however.
  2. I like the Dior, but I might choose the Gucci over that, if I could view it! Which Gucci is it?
  3. I'm sorry...It is the medium guccissima leather tote in black. I'm leaning towards the Coach also but the Gucci handbag is also nice. I'll try to post the picture again.
  4. I would go for the dior or the coach
  5. I like the Dior
  6. Gucci without a doubt! It's a fabulous bag that will never go out of style.
  7. I am not a Coach fan - of the remaining, I would get the Gucci.
  8. Really appreciate your replies. Would certainly use your input in my decision making.
  9. I like the Dior because it's simple in design and the Gucci because it has the monogram to give it a little style.
  10. I think the Dior and Gucci would make great everyday bags. The Dior is classic- looking, while the Gucci kicks it up a notch while still remaining classy. Please let us know what you decide!
  11. You bet I will.....thanks
  12. Another vote for the gucci. Even though it's probably the most expensive, it's the cutest of the four.