Help me decide!

  1. So, I work for Fendi and I am receiving some money in Fendi dollars that they are giving us. So...I need help deciding what my new bag should be. I would love to hear everybody's input because there are so many nice bags out at the moment. Thanks in advance!!!!:confused1:
  2. Get a spy!!!! It is one of the most beautiful bags I've ever seen:yahoo: ! I have only received exceptional comments for it...
  3. I agree! A spy bag. My second choice would be the B.Fendi bag
  4. I am just afraid that they will get dated very quickly compared to a selleria or something. But I dont know, the spy and the b bag are also very beautiful bags. I think if i were to do the spy, I would do the baby spy. And I really like the east west b bag in the camal with black patent leather. I also really like the magic bag and the bag dijour as well. AHHHH! Too many choices.:confused1:
  5. I dont think you could go wrong with a Spy or a B. Bag. I don't think they are dated at all.
  6. I think the east/west b.fendi in tan with black buckles is gorgeous and timeless! It's so classic!
  7. These are the bags I am looking at. What's your opinion? I don't know what color I would get in the mini spy bag, but the others are the exact bags.
    0431039408367_275x275.jpg 0431052729593_CBONE-BLACK_275x275.jpg NMV6582_mn.jpg
  8. I would get the Spy....they are so beautiful!
  9. :nuts: you work for fendi and you get to choose among these three bags? sign me up!!! haha. seriously, it is very hard (for me) to choose between the spy and the b-bag.....but if i were forced to do so, i'd go with the spy.
  10. out of those 3, far right.
    I am not a Spy fan, but love the Wisteria personally.
  11. Original B.bag in tan/black combination
  12. Out of those, I choose the baby spy :yes:
  13. You are such a lucky girl! I'll take a bag, my fav, I just love them! Take a spy baby take a spy!