help me decide

  1. currently i have a ... GGH anthracite city...
    but now i kinda fall in love with something non hardware...
    like ... paprika work or plomb city ~
    u think is a good idea to sell my GGH anthracite city and get paprika work instead ?
    i dont know whether the shop will accept my return by i never use my b bag before..
    any idea...
    coz i feel like ... golden hardware is look nt normal for daily use?
    correct me if am wrong plss...
  2. Personally, I would go for the plomb city if you're not keep on the hardware, which do you prefer, the city or the work?
  3. for daily use isnt the work too big?
    personally i prefer the WORK size.
    but after many thread i created..
    most people ask me to stick to color like anthracite & black or plomb instead.
    i love hardware ... but i found the leather of my bags too thin...
    i even scare to carry them out ... scare i will spoil theM?
  4. I think your anthra city w/ GGH looks great! I think it would be better for daily use than the paprika. Paprika would be hard o match with outfts.

    P.S. I think you're having second thoughts about your anthra b/c of your friend's comments about the color, am I wrong?
  5. dear : want more ...

    i feel people here r born with good memories .. haha ...
    i wonder u guy still remember who i am?

    i just feel so afraid to carry it out !!!!
    can someone pls help me out ....
  6. :tdown: & as well , look at the picture i post here ,
    apologize for the unclear picture , i guess my camera having a serious problem..
    but today i just found a dis-perfect spot ? u think this mistake can be ignore for a new b bag ? i nv carry this people , since i bought 1 week ago all the time is jus keeping in my dust bag hope u guy can see what i'm refering in the picture , the side of the zipper is falling in to two parts?
  7. Haha! I only remember some people and I remember you and your beautiful anthracite.

    Can you take another picture so we can clearly see what you're talking about? If the zipper is falling apart then you definitely need to return it and if you're not happy with the color, then exchange it for a different one. However, like someone said from your other thread, what happens if "your friend" makes another comment that the color you chose is not nice?