Help Me Decide : )

  1. So in honor me getting two med school interviews (yay). One is from my alma mater another is from my number one choice (so excited). I have decided to buy my first real wallet. After years of only using wristlets to hold my credit cards and IDs (ugh I have to search for everything) I have fallen in love with the Fendi long mirror wallets. I am currently torn between the gold and the red. Here is my thing, I really want a speedy 25 or 30 not sure yet, in the near future. So I want the wallet to not look too odd with it. I was thinking the gold that might match the LV a little better, but it still has the silver hardware to go with silver on my other purses. However, I just love colors that pop like red. I am a brunette and I don't know about other brunettes, but I think nothing pops quite like red when you've got brown hair. What do you think? The other sorta weird thing, is the gold looks kind of greenish on the website, but I'm not quite sure if its just because its a picture. Please tell me what you think, they should both be on the page in the link!
  2. Congrats on getting the med school interviews! I think both would look good depending on how I think of them and with your reasonings. Go for the one that you love the most instead of which is more practical in this case (since both seem pretty practical in their own ways).
  3. I say go for the red, it's a stand out. IMO you don't need to match your wallet with your purse. You'll probably go through many more purses before replacing your wallet.
  4. I love the gold and the red is really bright when I saw it at the boutique.