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  1. Hey everyone,,
    i wasnt sure exactly where to post this... so if it's in the wrong forum feel free to move it :yes:

    anyway i need help in deciding between 2 items..

    or this:

    if i get the speedy i'd have to wait about 2 months more.. but i can get the shoes right away,,
    sooo if you were in my place would you get the shoes or wait 2 more months..
  2. get the shoes...
  3. The Speedy! Sorry, but I think there's a little too much going on with the shoes, and even though it's cute, the speedy is far more classic!
  4. If you want honesty, those shoes are horrendous, I really wonder about Gucci sometimes, get the bag!
  5. If it were me, I'd go with the speedy. The shoes, erm... not my taste at all. I wouldn't say hideous, but... well...

    I'd go for the speedy. I think you'll get much more for the money.
  6. you step in one dog poop and those shoes will be yuck - or a rain shower or someone steps on the back of your heel or your slip on the kerb.............the list is endless. far much more for your money with the bag - you can't keep your mobile and your money in your shoe can you?? winter / summer - it won't matter - the bag goes with everything.
  7. oooh! both are really nice. I say get the shoes right now since it will be sold out soon and save up for the speedy.
  8. Get the bag, it's value holds true over time.
  9. ITA!
  10. honestly i'd rather go for expensive bags than expensive shoes...
  11. ^ same here...
    but have u had a lot of bags?if that the case, than i would go for the shoes, since i dont really like mini lin speedy because it's canvas...
    but if it's damier or epi speedy, i would go for the bag:p
  12. speedy for sure
  13. Normally I'd go with the bag but those shoes are just too cute to pass up!
  14. if i were you i'd definitely get the bag....i think those shoes are a bit too 'casual'...
  15. Although it isn't my style, but I would jump at that bag before I got the shoes. I am very hard on my shoes.