Help, me decide!

  1. After looking through everyones BEAUTIFUL bbags, I'm itching to get one. I was wondering what style/color do you think is a good first bbag? Thanks!!
  2. How much stuff do you need to carry around with you? The colors are discontinued after each season (except in rare cases as well as black) even the shades of white vary.

    It's best to get the bag that screams to must have me. It's funny though, b/c for a lot of us many, many bags call our names.

    My first Balenciaga bag was the original Le Dix (classique/first) in Black (I didn't know it came in other colors) with the flat brass hardware, but that was back in '01 and the hardware has changed since then.

    Check out this page that shows all the styles...that will help make at least the options known: atelier.naff: Balenciaga motorcycle style reference
  3. I carry soo much stuff. That's why I was looking into the city because I know its not overwhelming big but not too small like the first.

    I really love all the vibrant colors but I know I would probably have NOTHING to wear with them. lol.
  4. Hi JennR, I'm a "Jenn" too =)

    For me, I've always known about Balenciagas, but never knew where to purchase them in real life (that was BEFORE i found this helpful forum). I literally squealed when I came across a whole section of Bbags in the San Diego Neiman Marcus. I tried them all on in person, did some silly poses in front of the mirror, and decided that the City just looked weird with my body style, and that the First style was the cutest, most chic-est thing on earth.

    So my advice would be to try on the purses in real life before purchasing and see what seems *right* to you.