Help me decide which wallet is best

  1. hi ladies!

    I need a new wallet that is practicle and easy to use everyday.. without getting dirty, scratched, easy to open, etc..

    which one would you choose?

    Right now, I'm leaning towards Monogram Canvas Wallet with Zip Pocket, Monogram Canvas Zipped Wallet, Monogram Canvas Zippy Wallet, Suhali Zippy wallet, Monogram Vernis Pochette Wallet or the Monogram Vernis Zippy Wallet..

    Sorry for so many choices!

    I have bags from all 3 collections (Monogram, Suhali and the Vernis) so it doesnt matter which collection its from.. I just cant decide which one..

    Thanks in advance!
  2. how come no MC zippy? I'll go with the white MC zippy. We're both having hard time for a new wallet lolz.
  3. i dont have any MC handbags so I would prefer the other collections..
  4. Vernis zippy. I love the color.
  5. Since you want it to be everyday and resistent to scratches and dirt, I would choose the monogram zippy wallet. I like the look of the suhali and verni zippy wallets better but they would not be as durable. I think scratches and dirt would be less attracted to the canvas than the other two.