help me decide which bag to get please?

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  1. hi everyone, thanks to the helpful advice by some lovely ladies here, i managed to locate a black medium quilted ultimate soft. :love: but to make matters more complicated, i saw the pictures of the new khaki & dark silver coloured lux ligne flaps and i just fell in love with them. i entitled to 1 bag as a christmas present from my parents this year, so now i've got to make a choice between the ultimate soft or the lux ligne flap bag. so ladies, i'd love to hear all your opinions about which bag to choose. thank you so much in advance! :heart:
  2. I like the ultimate soft personally, but the lux flap is pretty too.
  3. agree with kittenslingerie. i love the look of the ultimate softs. the luxury ligne has great colors but for some reason, i'm indifferent to their designs.
  4. I have the medium US and I absolutely love it! The lux ligne flap didn't work for me personally but I do love them on other people. I am still looking for the right Luxe Ligne piece for my collection. Sorry, I am not much help but they are both gorgeous!
  5. i think your avatar says it all. :smile:
  6. I'd say go for the medium ultimate soft. A couple of my clients got the medium soft when it came out a couple years ago & love them to death. The medium is a great size for day & segway right into evening. Most people get nervous that the soft smooth leather will get trashed,but, even to my surprise.... the ones from 2yrs ago are still in great shape. Besides.... tell your parents you were going to choose the flap for $2225.....but will be glad to take the medium for $1475 & a sweet wallet to make up the difference instead!

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  7. Oooh I have to agree with DJO and the others, the US is lovely plus look at that wallet! TDF!!
  8. wow DJO, thank you so much for those pictures, it really makes me love the ultimate soft even more! and :roflmfao: at the little "trick" of telling them that i'd be happy to settle for the less costly ultimate soft!

    and thank you all for taking the time to contribute your opinions about the two! i guess i'm definitely settling for the ultimate soft then! :heart::heart:
  9. oh i forgot, DJO, if you don't mind me asking, would your branch happen to still have the medium ultimate soft? i'd called up the branch in hawaii (since i couldn't find one in europe, and a kind PFer suggested the hawaii branch) and was quoted a price of $1595, which seems like quite a difference there. :shrugs:

    thank you so much for your help/suggestion nonetheless!
  10. I was off today,but, will check tomm. They are probably one of the more popular bags right now. Even if something isnt in stock, it is usually easy to get. I have some good contacts throughout the country. & hey, your not settling on the medium soft - you are investing in a great bag.
  11. I prefer the Luxury Ligne flap. :girlsigh:
  12. too true! one of the reasons i really like the ultimate soft is because i feel it looks a little "trendier" than the classic flap but it's still pretty a pretty classic looking bag as it is, not to mention the leather sounds like it's going to be something i wouldn't stop touching constantly. :P

    and thanks in advance for helping me check! :love:
  13. heh, this is definitely going to get difficult now. but if you don't mind me asking, why the ligne flap over the ultimate soft? i really would love to know because it's always good to hear another opinion especially since i'm so terrible at deciding on things.
  14. I had the lux ligne flap and for me it was a bit too heavy for it's size. I totally love the Ultimate soft! I saw one this weekend at the is gorgeous!!!
  15. updated: I'm definitely getting the quilted ultimate soft now, mostly because i tried to find the new khaki or dark silver ligne flap at the chanel boutique in london (sloane street branch) and the service was appalling. i guess i didn't look like a customer to them (since i was in my "student/college" clothes) and i stood there like an idiot who was very willing to buy the ligne flap instantly if they had it, but NO ONE served me at all and there were SAs who obviously weren't busy. they stood right in front of me, and completely blanked me. :cursing:

    i finally had to practically plead to get an SA's attention, and she was impeccably surly, she slided one panel, barely took a glance and said, "sold out". no attempt to locate one for me in their other london branches, no attempt to do anything really! it was pretty obvious too since some other lady held up a jumbo flap for a look and an SA immediately came up to her and asked if she could help. 10 seconds later, I pick up a jumbo flap and NOBODY so much as bothers with me.

    hence i'd rather just order the ultimate soft from the chanel store in hawaii, even if it means having to pay for courier charges and probably custom duties, at least the SA in the hawaii store was impeccably friendly and helpful.