Help me decide what to wear (which Chanel)

  1. I have a black tie cocktail/lunch tomorrow. The dress is a long dark navy blue satin with silver glitters. With it, should I wear it with silver Chanel reissue 226 and silver Louboutin or black Chanel classic clutch and Chanel black mules. Which goes better? It's warm here in Southern California.

    Thanks! :shrugs:
    dress.jpg dress1.jpg dress2.jpg
  2. Unless the dress is almost black I would love it with the silver reissue and CL shoes., but......both choices are TDF:heart:H
  3. Do you think the silver is too loud for a formal event? I don't have anything dark navy, so black is as close as it gets. :sad:
  4. Silver cos the black blends in with the navy so in a way, nothing stands out.
  5. I'd go for the silver and black combo :tup:
  6. I don't think you could go wrong with any of those choices, all are beautiful, but I think since it is a lunch/cocktail I would go for the black Chanel classic clutch and Chanel black mules.
  7. I like the silver combo.. I don't think it is too loud because it's a lunch event, plus it is in So Cal.. everything is laid back here so no one will think it's too much :heart:
  8. It's so hard to choose. I'm kinda leaning towards silver, though, as the black looks rather to blend.

    I may try RED just to see.
  9. You have red? Yar sounds great, you know? Try it for us to see?:tup:
  10. Silver Reissue and silver CL :tup:
  11. OMG...LOVE the silver!!!
    U will look fantastic..HAVE FUN!
  12. No RED reissue but RED caviar with silver chain to match that silver brooch attached to the dress.
  13. I'm with Michele on this one. Black with the black 'cause it's during the day.
  14. I should have bought the red clutch. :sad: The RED caviar seems to be too in your face.
  15. Would love the red caviar also with the CL silver one is matchy matchy anymore....this would be awesome combo., wish I had your choices....have a great time!:heart:H