Help me decide what to do: Outdoor Messenger broke

  1. I brought a Outdoor Messenger Tote late October. Used it for about 5 weeks, and 1 day, while I was walking, almost fell over because the strap broke and the bag ended up on the floor. Good thing I wasn't carrying my infant at that time! So I brought it back to SCP Boutique, where I purchased it. They gave me the option of exchanging it for a new one or sending it out to get fixed. I took a new one. Guess what? That strap broke too! At the exact same spot. The metal screws/hinges that hold the strap to the body of the bag are hidden underneath the leather, so I have no way of knowing it they were loose or, just snapped off. But it seems there must be a design flaw for 2 bags to break at the same spot.

    So now I will have to bring this back to SCP Boutique again. What do you guys think I should do? I'm sure I took the last black one, so my options would be to have them send it out to be fixed. But now I'm so paranoid about the bag. What if the next time it breaks, I'm carrying my infant and we both fall over? Would it be unreasonable for me to ask to just return it instead of having them fix it? I don't feel safe carrying this anymore. What would you do?
  2. Gah! That's terrible... I would ask for a refund. Clearly this particular Chanel was shoddily made!
  3. Is this the hobo/football shaped Outdoor or the square tote? I have the square tote and hope it doesn't suffer the same fate! The strap on my Cloudy Bundle broke last week and I exchanged it for another. There is no excuse for such expensive bags to break like this!!
  4. This is is the large rectangular tote with the long cross-body strap. I think the design flaw is that the strap is held to the bag by 2 small pin screws, which are probably too small to do the job.

    I really hope your square tote will be fine Roey. Sorry about your Cloudy Bundle breaking.
  5. Thanks! I feel you should return the messenger for another style bag if the store will let you do that.
  6. I once had a large, Prada bag that had the most gorgeous and unique metal chain. The FIRST time I wore the bag, the chain broke.... it popped out of the leather. The Boutique offered to fix it, but I knew I would always be afraid to use it, other than in a very gentle way... and I do not buy expensive bags to be ultra careful with them. I expect to put them on my shoulder and go. I got a refund.

    I think you need to find a new bag... this one is obviously poorly thought out and made.
  7. I agree, get the refund. I mean, you had this happen on 2 bags!!!! I wouldn't want to take another chance.
  8. I also think you should get a refund, that is a design flaw. I am sure the boutique will understand and has no problem refunding the money if it happens twice at the same spot.
  9. ocgirl

    I still don't know which bag you have. Here are two pics. Do you have one like the blue one or the red one?