Help me decide please!

  1. I'll be leaving for Hong Kong in a few days and wanted to get either a-

    - Paris Biarritz OR
    - travel Line Tote Bag

    I know the travel line is a permanent collection so should i go for a Paris Biarritz. Is that a seasonal piece?

    Can anyone tell me what the prices are? (medium sizes)

    I love totes... So otherwise, does anyone have any other suggestions that i should look at...

    I have been out of the Chanel loop lately...

  2. what's the travel line tote bag?

    I really like the paris-biarritz but I'm worried it might go on sale..the large is US$1470ish. Expect higher prices in HK.

    Do you like pst/gst or totes from the cambon line?

    PS. LOVE death note. Best anime ever. Have you seen yesterday's episode?
  3. I say go with the paris biarritz line...i have the petit shopper tote and I :heart: it!! great size and a great price!