Help me decide, part w/ Ocean GGH Brief for Vert or another color?


Keep or part w/ the Ocean brief?

  1. Stop being silly, keep the ocean

  2. Sell that puppy and try to find a Vert

  3. Part with the brief and go for another color

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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to decide if I should part with my Ocean GGH brief and try to find a Vert d'eu?:confused1: I am in love with the color Ocean but the brief style is just not for me. I have only carried her once and thought I may part with her to get another bag. What do you think? Should I keep the brief and try to learn to love it, try to find my HG which is a Vert d'eu in almost anything (would love a part time), or get another color?:shrugs: So hard to decide.
  2. I love Ocean and think GGH goes perfectly with it. But Brief is too big for me. I agree you go looking for another style, but if you love Ocean, you could get a Ocean City, Day or Part Time.
  3. I do love the Ocean color and it looks great w/ the GGH so maybe I will try to find a city in that. I would to have a vert d'eau for spring though also which is why I am having such a tough time deciding. I can't find a vert anywhere though, does anyone know of any stores that still have any?
  4. AR has a Vert D'eau City!
  5. Thank you:flowers:!! I will email them now. Fingers crossed they have one with the GGH:nuts:
  6. They don't. They have the city, twiggy, brief, work and weekender all in RH. I was like this close to buying one but I'm waiting for the turq.
  7. i prefer my vert d'eau over my ocean as far as color/leather, but the ocean is more wearable and i dont have to worry about dirt. so i would take that into consideration :yes:
  8. I love Vert D'Eau and the investment in a Weekender was sooo freaking worth it!!! I bought mine from Aloha Rag. I know they have a Weekender, City & Twiggy left (last I spoke to them)...All in RH BTW. The leather is absolutely smooth, silky and soft. I am so glad I got LOTS OF IT in the Weekender, LOL!

    Yes (to answer your question), sell your Ocean for Verty. It looks to me that you also have an Electric Blue??? A blue is essential to every collection, but only 1 or 2 should do. Vert D'Eau is so unique and special. I even know of a few PF'ers that have invested in Vert D'eau now because they know it will be as sought after as Seafoam in 3 years time. Go for it!
  9. Verty!

    I always love the look of your Avatar, LOL! I know this is silly, but when I look at your Avatar I imagine you to be "Phoebe" from Bold and the Beautiful (sorry if I blew your cover, HA!) You have gorgeous flowing locks of curls and that sweet VD First - so lovely! I hope you're not offended my by Phoebe comment...I think she (that actress) is so beautiful:yes:
  10. :love:Ladies, you are the best! I have a french blue GGH which is what you are seeing. I love EB but my FB was my first true love. I so love the vert though and must have it. I swear I would give up 3 bags to have her! If any of you ladies know where I can find my HG please let me know!!:drool::heart::yahoo:
  11. tatertot - i think only 1 or 2 vert d'eau GGH's were ever posted on here :shrugs: but i'm sure you will find one sooner or later :yes:

    sheesh, i remember when vert first came out and people were kinda bummed that it didnt look as similar to seafoam as expected... and now she's wanted everywhere lol!

    :roflmfao: you are too funny KDC. i actually dont watch that show so i had to look her up... i'm flattered that my curly hair reminds you of her LOL!! but i assure you i most certainly do not resemble her in any other way unfortunately :girlsigh: