Help me decide on SLG

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  1. Hi lovely TPFers,

    I am about to get a new compact wallet/coin purse to put my extra cards in.

    I cannot decide between a Chanel coin purse (pic1) or a LV ZCP in epi red (pic2).

    The red ZCP would be a perfect match to my red epi Alma BB (see pic3) but I also think the Chanel may be more versatile for my other bags most of which are black (also the same color with my reg BV wallet).

    What do you think? Is it so much more fun to have a matching SLG to your favorite LV bag?

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  2. I like to match! So I vote LV.
  3. If you already have a black wallet get the LV :smile:
  4. I like the design of the LV best.
  5. Lv!
  6. You can put more items in the LV. It's also a pop of color for your other black bags.
  7. I say the LV..but red is my favorite color and I just bought the epi zcw in carmine. So I am a little bias in my suggestion.
  8. Lv❤️
  9. Lv
  10. ZCP for sure. I loooove my zcp :smile:!!
  11. Another vote for the zip, but repost this in the Chanel forum and see if you start getting different answers :smile:
  12. They are both nice, I have variations of both. I have a mono zcp, which never gets used but not because I don't like it, I just have too many other small wallets/pouches now. I have a chanel camellia key pouch and a black patent zip coin purse that I use daily for store cards. I do like both more than my zcp. However, I prefer the camellia or the quilted Chanel over the caviar with the cc slgs. In this case since it matches your alma, I would probably go for the red LV zcp.
  13. +1 for LV..I had the Chanel key coin purse and sold it to buy the LV black multicolore ZCP. Much better!!!😃😃
  14. Lv zcp :smile:
  15. I love matching, so definitely the red LV :smile: