Help me decide on an Azur before Summer.

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  1. #1 Apr 8, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2014
    I want an Azur Bag for Summer and here are my choices plus my thoughts on each one.
    I would really appreciate your thoughts. :flowers:

    (Artsy mm)

    Pros ~ The only vach is the handle & I don't like alot of the dark against the Azur. Doesn't look like a tote.
    Cons ~ Heavy and not as comfortable (as we all know)

    (Speedy 35 B)

    Pros ~ Love the convenience of a strap.
    Cons ~ More Vach on the sides adding more dark as it patinas.

    (Speedy 35 Classic) ~ for reasons above ^^^

    (Neverfull MM ~ GM)

    Pros ~ iconic...not alot of Vach
    Cons ~ Too small or too large...thinking the GM may look too large since the lighter color... but I do like it cinched which would make it look smaller.
  2. I would go with the NF in DA. I think the GM is beautiful cinched. Good luck deciding!
  3. Azur NF MM :love:
  4. Nf
  5. another vote for the NF
  6. Ha ha! I'm also having this kind of an azur problem at the moment. I would choose NF MM from your choices. It's very roomy also in the MM size and the GM is just huge to carry around all day.
  7. I too vote for the neverful
  8. NF

    I actually just sold my speedy DA as I'm just too paranoid with the patina on the handle. Speedy B would be easier to avoid this but my fav bag is then NF, carefree!
  9. NF MM DA!!! :cloud9:
  10. Voting for artsy! Was in the same boat last year, got the artsy as surprise from my DBF in cohorts with our SA, hehe:woohoo:
  11. Azure speedy 35!! I have it and love it!
  12. artsy for sure!!👍
  13. Speedy 30 or Neverfull MM
  14. nf or speedy b. the artsy is beautiful but is not as user friendly as the other 2 . i think the nf in da is an absolutely beautiful bag. simple but just gorgeous. the speedy b is a great bag. true, lots more vachetta, but if you get it you may have to just decide not to stress over it and simply enjoy it. good luck. they are all beautiful.
  15. Azur artsy is the ultimate summer bag IMO. I also bought the neverfull azur mm for a more carefree spring bag. Both are beautiful but if I had to choose one - definitely artsy. Something about that braided handle and azur just screams spring/summer! Once broken in, I don't find the handle to be uncomfortable. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396996940.437690.jpg