Help me decide on a bag....

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  1. I am currently wanting 3 bags.....but in the meantime can only have one.

    -I am on the waitlist for a Lilac Twiggy. I LOVE the color but do not have many lilac things. And this would be my 4th Balenciaga...I will always have a weekness for these/

    - Fendi Spy- At first I didn't like it but it has really grown on me. Its definatley something that I don't have but its double the price of a twiggy.

    - Chanel White Caviar- I want a white Chanel bag but do not know how the upkeep will be. I am careful w/all my bags but for all the $$$ I want it to last. I LOVE Chanel but they're bags have an older looking style (Im only 20) and are classics....I could get it at anytime.

    Opinions would be great
  2. I really like the Chanel Caviar bags. I was oggling them at Neimans a few weeks ago.

    Since you already have 4 Balenciagas, and you seem on the fence about the lilac - my vote goes to the Chanel Caviar - The leather seemed very resiliant and easy to care for. It did not seem very porous, meaning, I would not think stains would be a problem.
  3. hey ya

    I would have to wait for the B-bag twiggy! i'm just totally going nuts over mine at the moment! I know you've got FOUR already but theres no harm to getting more b-bags...
    i'm not a massive fan of the FENDI spy but its ok and its growing on me...
    and as for CHANEL its a timeless piece and if you are worried about it being too mature you shouldn't, CHANEL is just beautiful SO wear it your way! But im not too keen on white.... so i'd wait for TWIGGY... :amuse:

    i hope this helps in some way and it hasn't confused you.... good luck and let us know what you decide.
  4. I say go with what you drool over. Sounds like you're not really sold on the B-bag... The Spy has been growing on me too. But I think it might be more of a trendy look... I'd go for a timeless Chanel.
  5. Chanel! ;)
  6. I also say the Chanel :biggrin:
  7. I don't really think Chanel bags are older looking ( I am 20 too) but definitely classy I got one last summer in white and still loving it. However I think the Fendi will be easier to dress up or down with.;)
  8. Since you already have 4 B-bags, I think you can wait it out on those for awhile and decide on either the Fendi spy or the Chanel. I think the white Chanel might be too hard to take care of depending on if you're careless or very careful. As for the spy, I'm also in your shoe right now because I want a spy in black but I'm having some serious debating going in in my head right now so can't really help you there. But whatever you pick, just be sure it's something you really love.
  9. i vote for chanel!
  10. Since you already have 4 B-bags, I'd go for the Chanel. I'd love the caviar leather tote in white, but it's about $1650 (eeek!).
  11. my vote's for chanel!
  12. Noriko, love your signature. Did you make that yourself? Very creative!
  13. For those of you that said you have white Chanel caviar how is the upkeep??

    I'm careful and my bags are in great condition but never had a white one before- the one color I'm missing.

    My problem is I love ALL of them. When I got my rouge City I said it would be my last Balenciaga....I seem to buy 1 every season.
  14. No matter how old or young a Chanel bag just looks good on everyone. It's a lot of money but so worth it ,go for the classic you will be happy with it for years to come:biggrin:
  15. To let you in on what I've done-

    For today decided against the Balenciaga. I've now heard mixed reviews about the Lilac and already have 3!

    I preordered the Fendi Spy at w/10% off code. This is based on the fact I can cancel it at any time b/c it is not supposed to arrive till 4/14.

    I still want the I'll think about what I just did :smile:, this weekend and if I chose to go for the Spy, I will definatley save up for the Chanel next.