Help me decide my next Chanel purchase pls !

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Which one should I buy?

  1. 10C Red Caviar GST

  2. Navy Blue Patent GST

  3. Blue on the road shiny caviar flap

  4. Purple on the road shiny caviar flap

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  1. #1 Feb 17, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2010
    I am torn in between GST or on the road shiny caviar flap. I am 8 months pregnant and I have 4 years old boy. You see my Chanel collection in my avatar. My concern with GST is that it looks too boxy and on the road shiny caviar flap seems to be roomy. I am thinking either:

    1. 10C Red Caviar GST
    2. Navy Patent GST
    3. Blue on the road shiny caviar flap
    4. Purple on the road shiny caviar flap

    I attached pic so that it's easier to refer. What do you suggest?
    Help me pls. Thank you

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  2. I vote for the navy patent GST!
  3. I love option 4. Purple on the road shiny caviar flap! This one has really grown on me!!
  4. red caviar GST
  5. If your looking for a "mommy" bag, I'll say red caviar GST - only downside is its apparently quite heavy.

    The road shiny caviar flap seems a lil too big :s
  6. I think it depends on whether you would mind using a flap with 2 small children. I have twins and personally find a flap too fussy for every day. I need my bag to be as open and accessible as possible. I have only totes and WOCs now. I think all of your options are great choices, it just depends on what you think will be the most functional for you. Good luck deciding!

  7. Is GST heavy??? I didn't know that.
  8. Thanks G&Smommy. Great opinion and it's definitely worth to think about. I'm just so confused right now.
  9. First of all, I definitely recommend GST. A classic shape! Out of those, I'm in love with the 10C red. A prettier shade of red there has never been!
  10. I would recommend patent GST. I have one and I love it so much with 3 young kids! Easy to get things into and out of the bag. Easy to maintain and clean. And the bag maintains its shape even though you might not have too much to carry. Hm.. I don't think it is heavy though. May be because I used to carry those heavy Chloe bag and some Jimmy Choo are heavy too.
  11. You're absolutely right about classic shape and red is pretty. Tough choice ! Guess I have to eliminate on the road and choose between 2 GST.
    This is why I love Purseforum. I can't talk about handbag to my DH. He would say whatever I like and my sis is not a bag freak like me :biggrin:
    Love Love this forum :heart:
  12. How do you clean Patent GST? I'm just a little bit worry that it's too shiny for everyday
    Does caviar doesn't maintain shape like patent?
  13. I love love love my GST, it's really a great everyday bag :yes: But I think you will be happy with whatever you choose! Good luck, and let us know :biggrin:
  14. purple on the road shiny caviAR FLAP.
  15. red GST