Help me decide if this is to be my First Nightingale!


Should I grab it while I can?

  1. Absolutely, the Tricolor is fab!

  2. Meh, I would wait for a solid color....

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  1. I just love the Tricolor! Does anyone have first hand knowledge... I have only seen one thread but would love your opinion and vote!

    I am looking at a Medium in this color way!

  2. I think the color combination is very great but I'm not a fan of light color handle. ;)
  3. To be honest this colour doesn't really grab me, but that's just me. In saying that it's all very neutral colours so it won't be an issue matching it anything. Are you able to see and feel this in person? If so maybe go and see how it looks on you.
  4. Love it Bella!!
  5. I had it and returned it. The color's tone for my bag is not even and it makes the bag looks dirty. The handle's color is too light which I think will get darker soon.
  6. i have it and i love it so much. It surely looks hard to keep it clean forever, but it's not like you are gonna use the bag for like 10 years, and bags will get dirty. But as long as you use it with care then it will look good.
  7. It works for clothes in summer or winter! Matching with all black color clothing, or some beige color leather jacket or jeans. it works!
  8. I agree, and Bella, you know you can rock anything girl.

    Besides, the tri-color makes it look more visually fact, I'd prefer the neutral colors than a bold tri-color nightingale. I can totally see this against white denim and tee or all black suit. very versatile.
  9. Thank you ladies!

    randr21, thank you love. I am leaning towards grabbing it if the site ever comes back up!
  10. I decided to go for it...

    I hope the order is fulfilled.... :girlsigh:

  11. So cute!
  12. LOVE how it looks on you! Hopefully when mine arrives it'll look as good lol xx
  13. BTW does anyone know which season this is from??? xx