Help me decide.........I need a neutral bag

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  1. I'm trying to decide between these two bags..........a Caramel '05 City or a Chloe Cross-body. The weight thing on the Chloe isn't a problem for me so please base your opinion on looks alone. I know we all prefer Bal here but be open minded. ;)

    Here's a pic of each:

    this is a pic of powder's gorgeous new '05 caramel city (which btw, is not for sale :smile:)


    and the chloe cross-body



    Let me know what you all think. Thanks!:smile:
  2. Do you want to be able to wear it as a cross body bag?

    I have BBags and Chloes and I really like the look of the BBags better. I feel like the Chloe is really casual.
  3. I like the color and look of the Bbag better and I did keep an open mind and didn't pick the Bbag because that the one I like best.
  4. They just seem like two totally different types of you want the ability to wear it messenger? If so I would recommend the Chloe. I prefer the LOOK of the Bbag, but I'm biased...
  5. I'm looking for something casual and neutral (jeans and t-shirts). I'm not searching for a cross-body in particular but if I got the Chloe, that's how I'd wear it. I also would love the Sandstone GH PT but I don't think it's as casual as these two bags .........but I definitely could be talked into it.;)
  6. I was just going to suggest the Sandstone PT, but you beat me to it. I think the City looks better, but if you wanted a bag to wear cross-body, I thought of the PT. The picture of you wearing your FB GH PT made me want a PT. In my opinion, the Chloe doesn't look as nice. The Sandstone RH PT would be a little more casual...
  7. Girlie you need Sandstone w/RH or just wait to see the Fall colors.:yes: If you can find 05 Caramel Chloe Paddington go for it.:drool: No more GH ok.:p
  8. I actually own the Sandstone RH PT and I LOVE it. I think it is the perfect neutral bag. The color is very sophisticated so it can be dressy if you need it to. It is a very chic neutral.
  9. I received the Chloe Paddington (Overnight size) as a present last year and I haven't used it since December...the Paddington's are sooo heavy...but I don't get as paranoid about the leather compared to my Balenciagas.

    If you don't mind the extra weight, I like both. (Which I just re-read and you said you don't mind the extra weight)...okay, no hate mails please...but get the Paddington, it'll be a nice addition to your collection. Mine gets thrown around and doesn't get scratched and no signs of wear.
  10. I was going to comment on the weight too. I also think that the Paddington-style bags look better as handbags or shoulder bags, I'm not a fan of the cross-body style in that look. '05 Caramel is sooo pretty...
  11. Balenciaga all the way!!!
  12. balenciaga all the way!!!
  13. The chloe has a real natural beauty to the leather on that it will look even better with scratches and light marks from use. Is it also made of goat leather? The first silverado I had was that perfect light brown shade with so much character to the grain and it was also chevre.

    What do you think about the cross-body Balenciaga styles, like the flat say F/W '07 Mastic or the courier in '06 Cognac?

    I like the Caramel City, either way it will be lovely.
  14. I love both bags. Dont know if you already know this but Neimans is having a private shopping night that includes the chloe you posted 30% off.
  15. I love both, i would say go for the paddington for a change!