help me decide! do i need this bag?

bella sarafina

fellow bag addict
Nov 22, 2006

it's on sale!

i usually go for black bags since i wear all black, but i adore leopard print, and this just seems so fun. oh, and the other side is plain dark brown leather, staid enough to carry to work.

what do you all think??
I love it! And I usually stick to more classic styles in my bags. Obviously when you carry it you're limited to wearing solids and probably only neutral colors, but it's fall/winter so that's not an issue for most of us.
Depends on how you define NEED! If you are using 'need' in the limited sense like you NEED air to breath then no, you don't need it. But if you are using the word 'need' in the sense that you NEED it so that you can sleep at night and concentrate by day or so you don't grind your teeth to stubs or pull all your hair out or so you don't growl at every one who happens to pass by you, then yes! You NEED it! All us addicts NEED our fixes! LOL! Oh, and I love it!