Help me decide a Nano color!

  1. I'd been eyeing on the smooth leather for a Nano bag. I have the chance to purchase a black color but I've seen the khaki as well and it is pretty! So I need your opinions! Please help me.

    By the way, all my bags are black (you can't have too mang black bags )... except for a Miu Miu in an alluminio color. I mostly wear neutral colors so I am leaning towards both colors as they are neutral.
    IMG_3881.JPG IMG_3882.JPG IMG_3883.JPG
  2. My vote is for Khaki green. I own a lot of black bags too. However, lately I've been bored of them and have been attracted to other neutral color like navy, grey, khaki, burgundy and cognac. My advice, if you only have one bag, i would buy black as it will never date, match everything and is a classic. But if you have a bag collection and want a bit of variety, i would go with the Khaki green. It is so beautiful. It stands out a little more and still matches a lot of outfits. Small bags look great in color. I am thinking of adding a Nano but I will most probably get a colored one. Either way you can't go wrong. :smile:
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  3. I've been thinking the same! Also, I do have a Givenchy Mini Ant in black so I might lean more towards the Khaki. Thank you for your help!
  4. I agree with Miss World! Black bags are always classic, but since you have a collection I think it'd be nice to go with something different :biggrin: plus I just loove the khaki green color!
  5. My vote is also for the khaki green! It is a great alternative neutral especially since you have other black bags. I originally wanted to purchase the nano in black as well since I wanted to be sure it went with all of my outfits. When i got to the boutique, they didn't have black and so I tried the souris color. I have absolutely NO regrets about getting a souris nano and haven't thought about the black one since.
  6. +1 vote for the Khaki!

    I love love love the nanos in black smooth leather and was actually debating between black and ink for my nano. I went with the ink because the black is a classic colour and I told myself I could always go back for it :P
    Like you, i have a ton of black bags as well and I am super glad I chose the ink. I think the khaki is the same - a great neutral but super unique and really works so well with the hardware.
  7. When you say khaki, do you mean the color dune? I honestly prefer the color souris since it's a neutral and color transfer is likely to be seen if there is any. Dune is beautiful but I'd worry about color transfer. In my opinion, I think the green is ugly. Black is nice if your wardrobe has more black than navy.
  8. Another vote for Khaki!
  9. Khaki! I feel that it goes with everything.
  10. I vote for the khaki! It's a gorgeous earthy and neutral tone which works well with most colours; pinks, white, greys. It's great for all seasons, in my opinion. I personally don't go for black bags, as I always opt for a pop of colour with my bags or accessories. :biggrin: Khaki is a great choice! Being a fairly dark shade, it won't stand out TOO much in comparison to the black bags you are already used to carrying.
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