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Mar 15, 2011
My skin has mostly gotten less pink as I aged, Gott sei Dank. (I still remember a school dance chaperone when I was 11 years old, scrubbing at my cheeks, saying, "don't you kids know how to blend blush!?!" Spoiler: I was not wearing blush.)

Also thank goodness for better-coverage makeup now. As my skin has gotten less pink-y, I must say that drinking has not done great things for my rosacea.

Er, back to scarves. I liked the Ecrires (and wow for finding it in that cw!) and Rialto on you, and found the Vie du Cheval gives you two strong looks.
Laughing, scratching my head, and thanking you.
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First up is Costume de Fete, which I’ve had for 2 days. Pretty sure it’s a keeper. I’m comfortable with bright colors and, while I thought I had similar bright/black scarves, I actually don’t!
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Beautiful scarf. One thing - IMHO the design and colorway are loud enough alread (loud in a right way - it is a folk scarf afterall) so I would pair it with a neutral top - either white or black, so it might look classier? Otherwise it is an overload? Just my opinion:smile: But keep it:smile:
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I am not the moussie queen—you all have me confused with @lanit @Cookiefiend @bunnycat or @scarf1. I only have 8, and two are stoles.

A moussie is next up, by the way. Here’s the problem—the design is all in the center and it’s so difficult to show. So it just looks like a tangerine scarf (changeant, I think, but not dramatically so.)

How about a pic with no makeup and one with a little lippie: I had to fuss to get even this little bit of the design to show.
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This can be easily re-homed. Doesn't do anything - seems like too much fabric, color is odd too - tough to wear..:smile:
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For @missmabel5 : I feel good about these - very happy scarves. The moussie is going away. View attachment 5682581 View attachment 5682582 View attachment 5682583
They are nice.. but I would put them in the re-home bin. Orange-y tones are tough to wear; I personally avoid them like fire - LOL and think they are better suited for anyone with dark complexion/hair.. If you had nothing else to wear, then of course I would keep those, but it your pile is overflowing - then they could be candidates for potential "lay-off":smile:))
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