help me choose..............

  1. hi there
    i am having a big dilemma.. i can only afford to get one bag now and the next one would have to be at least 6mths later.. which gives me enough time to save up for the 2nd chanel.

    which would you choose?
    1. Jumbo classic flap in the black caviar
    2. Reissue 227 in black metallic
    3. Reissue 227 in black caviar

    i would love the white caviar flap but unfortunately, melbourne, australia has limited stock. the jumbo black caviar just came in and it's so gorgeous. on the other hand, i know of a girl who's selling her black metallic reissue and i'm considering that too. Are the reissues hard to come by and should i get that one first and probably go for the caviar flap a little later since it's a classic and always in stock?? and is the black metallic reissue hard to maintain.. is it soft like lambskin?
  2. Hi Shopalicious,

    I didn't know they did the reissue in caviar. Is that something that they only released in australia?

    My gut feel would be to go for the metallic reissue. The jumbos are relatively easier to come by.

    Good luck, I know you'll make the right choice for you.
  3. it looks like caviar as i have both the flap and reissue side by side.
    it looks a little lighter in colour though... but the texture is the same.
    rather new with chanel but i reckon it shld b the caviar
  4. i am leaning towards the black metallic reissue as i have the impression that the classic caviar flap is easy to come by
  5. Metallic reissue. I think you can come by the classic caviar far easier like others have said above.
  6. my vote goes for the metallic reissue also, it's gorgeous and has a wow factor to it. i'd save up for the others later.
  7. 1. Jumbo classic flap in the black caviar

    i'm not a fans of the metallic or the reissue chain :p
  8. reissue caviar? i think you mean the hybrid. i prefer the jumbo though i have the jumbo and reissue. good luck! ;)
  9. have to decide today as i am headin off for a holiday and i can claim tax back at the airport tonight!! and that would be 10%!! my boyfriend was telling me to go for the flap as he feels that it's the classic looking one with the CC logo. on the other hand, i like the black metallic but not crazy about the handles....
  10. Reissue 227 in black metallic
  11. same here...will go for MB reissue 227.....caviar flap is easy to come by if you want it again!
  12. MB Reissue!
  13. Reissue in black metallic gets my vote.
  14. bm reissue!!!!!
  15. LOL- another vote for the black metallic 227!