Help me choose pleasssse.

  1. Hi, I'm just now starting to love LV, I decided I'm moving my bag addiction from Gucci to LV. Right now I have the Piano, the Pochette and the Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois. After looking at the photos of your collections here, gosh, to be honest I'm so envy. They all look beautiful :drool: . I'm petite 5'2" and 95 lbs. All you guys that know more about LV please help me choose what to get, I'm adding 2 bags a month in to my just now started collection. :sweatdrop:
  2. Based on your petite frame and current collection I would suggest the monogram speedy 25 for you.:cutesy:
  3. Which LV collection/material do you prefer? There are just too many may be easier to narrow down if you have a preference ;)
  4. Basically, most people has a speedy bag
  5. :yes::yes:
  6. speedy 25.. cute for u
  7. I really like the classic Mono canvass, I just read one of the quotes while browsing the forum, there so many faked Mono LV around, I thnk Damier is the choice. And yes, will definitely get the Speedy 25, thanks. What do you think of MC white Trouville?
  8. How about something in the damier or vernis print? Oooh, an accessory in the vernis pomme d'amour is stunning!
  9. I like the Classi Monogram and the white Multicolore. Too bad, there is no Speedy 25 in the MC collection.:shame: :sad:
  10. you would look soooooo cute with a white trouville!
  11. Speedy 25 in a Damier and MC White Trouville. :drool: Got it! Ordering right now at Thank you sooo much! I love this forum. Will post photos too later on. See ya ;)

  12. I have the White MC Trouville, and I love it!! I am petite also, at 5' 2", and 105 lbs. Here is a pic:
  13. those are 2 good choices. very nice. post pics when you get them.
  14. Yep, speedy 25 and MC Trouville.
  15. You'll look fab with the MC Trouville. Wish I can get 2 bags a month. Post pics when you get them.