Help me choose please~~

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  1. I'm looking to buy a small cross-body bag for the spring/summer. I want to either get the DA favorite PM or the Eva bag in DA as well. I don't know which go choose though. Anybody have both and can say what the pros and cons are?
  2. Favorite has a magnetic closure so if you stuff the bag, it could pop open. With Eva there's a zipper so that offers some security. Also, the carrying options for Eva is a +
  3. DA favorite I think
  4. Favorite, it's better proportioned IMO! the Eva beautiful but not for me. It's very rectangle to and looks odd.
  5. The DA Favorite is gorgeous :love: I would definitely go with the Favorite!
  6. I would go with the Favorite!
  7. Favorite DA.. Good luck on deciding..
  8. I have a DE Eva and love it. My cousin went to purchase the Eva but choose the Favorite instead. She said it holds more but her main criteria was that it could hold a full sized wallet.

    HTW helpful. Good luck!
  9. Thanks everyone! Im still unsure so I'm going to the store to check it out. I'll keep you guys updated! :smile:
  10. I like Eva more but it will really depend on how you feel when you try them on. The Favorite is too short for me when worn crossbody. I'm 5'6 btw.
  11. I love the favorite! If you're worried about it opening, another member suggested using a pochette to create a zippered closure - I thought that was a great idea! I love all of the advise from all of the wonderful people on here :smile:
  12. I prefer favorite
  13. I have the favorite mm in mono and rarely use it. More of a big bag kind of person
  14. I love my Eva's and use them a lot. I bought a favorite and just didn't like the look of it so I returned it. I would get an Eva!!! Good Luck!
  15. Eva gets my vote. I'm 5'5" and the Eva falls on me better when wearing crossbody. I like the longer strap, but if you're very petite the Favorite will probably work better. I also like the zipper closure on the Eva better than the magnetic.