help me choose one!

  1. hey everyone! so i have to choose between these 2 bags... both are second hand but barely used. cost around A$900. i'm pretty sure they're both authentic. so help please help me :nuts: :yahoo:

    IMG_1521.jpg coco flap.jpg
  2. the 1st one, is just becoz more color on it:p
  3. The first one, cute!!
  4. Tough. I guess the first one.
  5. First !!
  6. wow, tough choice...
    this one : i haven't seen it anywhere, so i guess it's pretty rare, and the embroidery is sooo cute!
    but i don't really like the long shape, i prefer a boxy shape.

    the second one, i've seen it pop once every days on eBay, it's simple and i love the shape

    so, if i have to choose, i think i would go with the first one :p
  7. I vote for the first one too,its colourful
  8. Which one would you wear more? The pink would be nice for spring and summer but you could wear more with the black one. Both are very fun and whimsical!
  9. Another vote for the 1st one.
  10. first!!
    the second one has too much logo. I dont usually like my bags screaming designer. haha!
  11. The second one:p , more versatile...
  12. I think the first... it's more subtle, which I prefer.
  13. i have seen the second one in person...............and if yours is the same, then thats the one, imo...the size is great...its the size of the XL jumbo, and goes with much more and less likely to get dirty

    they both, however, are fabulous
  14. i would go for the 2nd one - although i dont like bags screaming designer, i think it looks sophisticated, it could be used during the day/night, it will go with more clothes, and the "coco" writing adds a touch of funkiness to it. although the 1st one looks fun, i think it is easier to get sick of than the 2nd one
  15. I like the 2nd one also. Will definately go with more.