Help me choose my first shoulder bag


Which one?

  1. Marelle MM

  2. Coussin GM

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  1. As you know, i wanna sell my regular Lockit to fund my first shoulder bag.
    I want something that is not too casual and not too classic..
    my decision is between the Marelle MM and the Coussin GM..
    do you think the Marelle is hard to open-close because of the buckles?
    is the Coussin too much funny looking?:p
  2. some pics for comparison:


  3. i think the marelle looks better.
  4. I don't think I can help, 'cause probably neither would be my first choice. I like the looks of the Marelle but I'm afraid those buckles would drive me crazy! How about a BV or BH?? Or the new Neverful?
  5. I like the Marelle way better... but the the two little straps on the front might get a bit annoying.
  6. I like the Marelle the most :yes:

  7. i would prefer a not "that casual looking" bag..the BH seems to me more a daily bag..i woud like to buy something to use in the evening too..
  8. I love the look of the Marelle too but those buckles would be annoying. If I weren't opening it often and always had time to buckle it would be a top choice! If you are looking for a not so casual bag Coussin isn't the way I would be going. How about one of the Beverlys?
  9. I had the Coussin but recently sold it. The shouler straps always feel off my shoulder.
  10. I prefer the marelle between those two - so classy and elegant. Sorry but I just don't understand the coussin...
  11. between the two, definitely the Marelle. but one buckle is fiddly enough. there's something not quite right about the Coussin. how about the Beverly clutch?
  12. What about the Petite Bucket.When it's on shoulder it's quite comfortable. It 's not to big or small . It's easy for you to get in to but when it's on your shoulder it would not be easy for anyone else to get in it.
  13. i like the
  14. i've always likes the coussin GM.
  15. uhm..i'm thinking about getting the Hampstead MM ahahaha!

    i really can't find a monogram shoulder bag that could resolve my needs..the damier shoulder are better IMHO