Help me choose my first LV bag...

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  1. Hi. For the last 5 years I've been a loyal Mulberry fan, but I've recently started getting into LV and am almost ready to make my first purchase - but I need your help and advice. I'm looking for an everyday workhorse bag (for work and weekends), that's elegant, tough, and secure, with an outside pocket.

    DH and I went to the Westfield store last weekend to look for bags that meet my criteria and I fell in love with two: 1) the new Soufflot MM tote in Indigo Epi leather and 2) the Totally PM tote in DE.

    Soufflot - absolutely beautiful classical shape, it makes my heart sing, it's not an in-your-face LV (which to me is a plus), can be hand-held or used cross body, somewhat similar in shape and style to the Mulberry Small Del Rey which is my current go-to bag, BUT I can't see a review written about it either on tPF or YT (do people not like it?) and it's really expensive (about double what I'd usually spend).

    Totally PM - the shape would be a good contrast to the style of bag I currently use - roomier, carried on the shoulder, the DE was much softer and more gorgeous than I thought it would be, I love the red cheekily peeping out of the side pockets, it's half the price of the Soufflot and gets really wonderful reviews on tPF, YT etc. BUT to me the Totally isn't as beautiful as the Soufflot and also I'm slightly worried by it screaming "LV" - the Totally shape and the DE make it easily identifiable as LV and I would prefer to be somewhat more discreet, but maybe I'm being silly!

    My husband has been rather unhelpful! He thinks they're both great and I should get both! Ha! I really couldn't do that - well certainly not both at the same time. I am thinking seriously about selling 3 of my lesser used Mulberry bags to part fund my new bag (and make space!) but it will be gutting if I sell those babies and then get this LV decision wrong.

    Which should I get (first)?
    Which can withstand daily knocks the best (I travel mostly on the Tube)?
    Which is going to look the most fabulous in 5 years time?

    I'd really appreciate your thoughts and advice.
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  2. Hi!

    I vote Totally PM DE, only because it would be the best choice, from reading your post. It is a classic tote style bag with extreme functionality. Although, the Soufflot MM is an absolute gorgeous, elegant bag! I actually like it in Dune. Nonetheless, Indigo is beautiful too. I don't know that I would use it as a work/travel bag, but I suppose it could be used for both.

    I agree with DH! lol Get the Totally PM first, as it seems to be the bag you are really looking for related to work/travel. Then, get the Soufflot MM for other occasions.
  3. Hi, I also enjoy my Mulberry bags and own a small Mulberry Del Rey. I think if you want something more discreet then you should go with Epi. I have not seen the Soufflot mm but from seeing pics I think it would make a very smart work and weekend bag. I also think Alma pm with a strap would make a very nice work bag. Another one to look at maybe Cluny bb or Cluny MM.
    Epi leather is very durable. Cluny bb has a crossbody strap. The Cluny MM I think is the size of Mulberry Bayswater and has a shoulder strap. Maybe try on some more epi leather styles, good luck deciding.

    The Totally in de will be quite durable to use as a workbag. The only thing that bothers me about the Totally is how the top caves in with items inside.
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  4. The soufflot is a really new bag and that's why you haven't seen reviews about it. It seems to have mixed views on what people think of the overall shape. I think it's pretty but I'm not sure I could wear it as a crossbody as a mm. It of course will be heavier than the totally. I have the mm and I like that size since it's a good size tote that way. I do like the soufflot style but haven't seen one in person.
  5. I think you should go with what YOU love, and it seems to me it is the Soufflot. Any canvas bag is LV obvious, and if that bothers you, perhaps canvas is not the right choice for your first LV.
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  6. Thanks Exquisite. I think you're right - it would great to get both - starting with the Totally because it's a nice contrast to my current beautiful bag.

    Thanks Rani. I adore how discreet the Soufllot is in the Epi. Very subtle yet it oozes quality - I was delighted to read Epi is very durable. I also had a look at the Alma PM in Epi (in Fuschia) as well as the Cluny. (You have great taste - both are gorgeous.) The only thing that stops me from putting them on my wish list is that they don't have an outside pocket for my Tube pass. I was pick-pocketted about 20 years ago on the Underground and now I insist on never opening up the main part of my bag when I'm on public transport (when it's crowded).

    I hadn't thought about the top caving in on the Totally. Thank you for pointing that out. I need to look at a few and see what I think. I doubt it would really bother me as I like hobo style bags.

    Thanks Kelly. I didn't actually try the Soufflot cross body in LV (how silly of me) - and probably ought to do that before I buy it as it's really useful to be able to carry it several ways and it would be good to check what it looks like actually on.

    You said the Soufflot seems to have mixed reviews of what people think of the overall shape. Obviously, I really love the shape - but I'd be interested to read whatever I can about this bag, so I was wondering if you can you remember where you saw these reviews? Were they on here (tPF) somewhere?

    Thanks Ivonna. Great advice. Absolutely need to follow my heart - and I think at the moment it's screaming Soufflot, but I'd just love to see one reveal or review before I fall completely for it. But my head is still saying Totally as it's cheaper, practical and a lovely contrast to what I have.
  7. Thank you for all your advice. After a month of indecision, I finally decided on the Totally PM. I got her last night and she came out in her first trip with me today. Great bag and I'm so pleased with the decision.

    However....I'm still in LVoe with the Soufflot and think it's only a matter of time... Uh oh! LV seems dangerously addictive!

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  8. Congrats! Great choice for an everyday bag!
  9. Congrats lovely bag. I too am a Mulberryist. Am about to have a cull so that I can get more LV. Love the soufilot too. What colour will you get? ;)
  10. Hi Pandagirl... Thank you! The Totally PM was brilliant for today's trip... Light, plenty of room, organised, stylish and practical.... Couldn't ask for more. I think it will be excellent for work too.

    The Soufflot is a real stunner and I can't get it out of my head. I love all the colours... Even the yellow. My favourites Soufflot colours are the Coquelicot (red) and Fuschia. But I already have a Mulberry Lily in Poppy Red and a Mulberry pink pouch which I use as an evening clutch. I know these are completely different shapes to the Soufflot, but I've learnt my lesson. Red and pink bags can be v hard to match up with outfits. So, if / when I go for the Soufflot, it will need to be either the Indigo or Noir so I can match it with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. :smile: Not sure if the Indigo would be a seasonal colour or not... But if it's still around by the time I come to buy my Soufflot, I would like Indigo.

    Good luck with your cull. I've been doing the same and will be down to just 3 Mulberry favourites (Lily, Small Del Rey, Somerset) plus a handful of SLGs, once I'm finished downsizing. Quite liberating and leaves me with some gaps for LVs... (Although somehow I do feel a little disloyal after my lengthy love affair with Mulberry...)

    What LVs do you have and which are on your wish list?
  11. Thanks, Rani. Very kind. I think the Totally makes a great first LV, and she's a nice contrast to the bags I have already - so really does fill a gap in my collection.
  12. Currently own a mono Sarah wallet and a Sprouse shawl. Both are just gorgeous and have my heart racing. Think I will be getting a Neverful GM mono. Just toying with the idea of personalising the NF but not sure.

    What are your thoughts on personalising stuff??
  13. Oh yes! I saw your LV reveals over on the M forum! So beautiful. Congrats. Wow... The NF is an awesome bag... Can't wait to see your reveal.

    I have personalised an Anya Hindmarch bag in the past but regretted it. Perhaps it's just the circles I'm in, but it felt a little over the top having my initials on my bag. I was a little embarrassed by it. More recently (when downsizing my collection) I had to reduce the personalised AH bag steeply in order to shift it. My mistake. I would now only personalise an SLG or a luggage tag, so it can be a little more discreet / removed.

    Having said all that, I've seen one other person with a personalised NF and she really carried it off. It was such a striking and confident look. Good luck.
  14. Congratulations on your lovely bag! Also, welcome to the exciting world of appreciation and love for Louis Vuittons. It's an incredible journey and each new addition is akin to finding a golden ticket! Enjoy!
  15. Welcome to The Addictive world of LV! You're among friends here or fellow addicts however you want to look at it... Happy birthday and I think the de is the way to go!