Help me choose my first chanel jumbo vs maxi vs reissue 227 vs gst

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  1. Hi guy,

    Help me, pls.
    I very confuse with my first chanel.
    I 5.4' (162 cm) weight 75 kg.

    I always ware slack or jeans never ware skirt or dress.
    Slack with shirt. Jeans with t-shirt or polo.

    My stuff has cosmetic bag (but put my medicine)
    Powder, lib = 3, bruch on, keys, hand cream, tissue,
    small baby powder, lv zippy wallet.

    waiting for ur help
  2. They are all beautiful bags, excellent choices for your first chanel! All of them, go with anything you wear, jeans or skirts. However, it seems you do have a few items to carry, perhaps the GST would be more suitable for you, more flexible. Plus, I find GST goes very well with jeans and shirts. With the first 3 choices, because of the shape, you may find the bags go slightly better with floaty dresses or tights. The best to decide, is to try them on in the boutique, wearing the clothes you most likely to wear. The one that put a big smile on your face is the one! :nuts: Good luck!
  3. They are all classic but my vote would be maxi! It is very roomy to put all your everyday stuff in. Do try on at the boutique. It is very helpful :smile: Good luck. Don't forget to show us when u finally decide!
  4. i would vote for maxi... caviar with SHW!
  5. I love your suggest very much, I 'll do that the one that put a big smile on my face yippy.
  6. Excellent, it does work for me, literally. Shopping is an experience, you must enjoy it. Remember, don't rush into a decision. Try them, make notes the one that makes you most happy. If you are still not 100% sure, walk around to other shops, try other similar shape bags, (i.e., functions, colours). Your mind / heart will tell you to go back to the one you like the most. Be warn though, don't think too long, Chanel boutique normally only have 1 or 2 items in stock, so when you are sure, act fast.
    Very best of luck. Look forward to seeing your new buy soon. :graucho:
  7. my first was reissue
    then i got the jumbo
    afterwards i got the maxi
    now i'm eyeing the gst

    i think it's a matter of which one u'll decide to get first... once you get one u'll tend to want another one... :P

    but from what you describe i agree with liszt that gst seems to be more suitable... i believe it can hold more than maxi or jumbo n reissue...

    but all items u listed are classic... u wont go wrong with any... good luck with your decisions :smile:
  8. jumbo, GST, maxi then reissue 227.

    I have three of the above except for maxi and I find that I use my jumbo the most. I am about 5'8" and I LOVE using my jumbo. The reason I don't use my reissue as much is because of the double flap, do not like double flap.

    another reason I say jumbo is because the new jumbo coming in November or later will have double flap and plus there might be another increase later on the jumbo and reissue.

    As other ladies mentioned above, if you have a chance to try them on, please do. I think you can make your decision better when you can see them in person.

    That's my two cents, good luck!
  9. maxi, jumbo, reissue

    not a fan of GST. strap keeps falling on my shoulder so end up selling it :biggrin:
  10. jumbo, reissue, then maxi. Not a fan of the GST either!
  11. we r in the same boat here.That's absolutely my question too,beside i already have PST and paris-biarritz one.I 'm deciding between the classic flap and reissue for my next trip in italy.
    I love the chain of reissue but caviar from classic.Maybe i would go for reissue first...
  12. Jumbo first.
  13. I very very confuse now because I love purple very very much.
    And the spring /summer 2011 Chanel will have lavender lamb skin in reissue.

    I don 't like lamb skin at all and the reissue not the best for me.
    But I crazy purple.

    How the choose the love color that not frequecy to have or the style with black.

  14. Is this for real? Will they still have the jumbo in the single flap then or will it be discontinued?
  15. choose a jumbo or maxi. I tried on a maxi the other day it's not that much different in width from the jumbo, but a little higher.
    If you love purple wait until they have the caviar.