Help me choose - Eva clutch azur or... Hold off until....

  1. Ok.. I need some fast help please.

    I really wanted an Eva. I found an azur one , brand new for a really and I mean really good price.

    I am worried about color transfer... And plate scratching...

    So... Do I get this azur or do I wait for the mono or ebene ones?

  2. I don't like the Damier Azur Eva so I would personally pass. If YOU like it,though, do it -- especially if it's a great price!! I prefer Mono in this one. Have it and love it. Love the vintage plate. So glam!!
  3. I say grab it and just wear azur Eva with the chain. But if you wear cross body wait for mono or de.
  4. Is this something you will add to your collection eventually - or are you just contemplating buying because it is a bargain?

    If adding to your collection eventually - go get the bargain.

    If your heart is really set on mono or ebene - don't buy. Think about your collection long term.
  5. Well I love the patterns generally. I only have one mono and wanted something azur for the spring summer...

    The price seems good and I do want at least one azur piece. 500.00 is the price. :smile:
  6. What about the Milla? It's very similar in sizing to the Eva (I just played with them both the other day) but you can buy it brand new for $470. I love love LoVe mine!

    ETA- The Milla doesn't have the long body strap, so if you're really wanting that you probably do want the Eva, but there are a lot of comfortable ways to carry the Milla. AND because it isn't cross body there is a lot less chance of color transfer from your jeans.
  7. That is an amazing price for a new eva! I have the DE and I'm hooked - I want all three!

    My BFF got the azur and has had no issues with colour transfer. I think it's a beautiful bag :smile:
  8. i have been using damier azur speedy for 5 years now but have no problems of colour transfer,,, and i wear jeans almost everyday !
    i would say go for eva damier azur !
  9. I have the neverfull mm in damier azur and I sometimes have problems with color transfer (when I am in dark blue jeans) but it is easily solved with baby wipes. I do not like the big plate on Eva so I would go with mono Eva (actually, that is my next purchasse)
  10. I love the Eva on all three patern, they are all gorgeous and feels different. So I'd say if you like it, go for it. later on you can always add another one in mono or DE. GL
  11. I would say go for it, since it is a smaller bag, you might not have as much of a problem with the color transfer
  12. Good deal on an Azur Eva, but maybe consider other pieces
    on your wish list. That's $500 you can use towards.....

    If your'e worried about the plate (which will scratch over time)
    and color transfer (which I actually haven't had a problem with
    on my Azur Artsy, even having worn it with dark clothing)
    you may not enjoy the Azur Eva as much as you loved
    the price.

    Good luck with your decision- keep us posted!
  13. Get it!
  14. If you can get it for a really good price then I would get it but if your not saving much I always prefer to buy brand new because then you get to choose the one you want & I also love nothing better than the whole Boutique experience.
  15. Ditto!