help me choose: bowler or box?


bowler or box

  1. black-on-black (with patent CC) cambon bowler

  2. black vintage square box

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  1. went to chanel today to see if i could finally decide on a bag... and i can't! i liked both differently- the bowler is fun and casual, and the box is so quirky and unique.

    help me choose :yes:

    a) cambon black-on-black (patent CC) bowler
    b) black vintage square box (from f/w 05)

    thanks, everyone!!

    (or, should i just wait and get a caviar flap? i currently have the 05 grey 2.55 reissue)
    chanel square vintage.jpg SquareVintage2.jpg ChanelBowlingBag.jpg
  2. Oh man, tough choice!! I think I'm leaning more towards the bowler though
  3. Tell me more about the square vintage box! I have it on preorder with Nordstrom in black. Is it larger than the bowler? I have the bowler in black/black calf. The vintage looks lovely in photos!!
  4. roey, the square vintage is a bit smaller than the bowler. that is the only turn-off for me. it doesn't look AS good on the shoulder for me at least. but i love how it looks overall and as a handheld.
    btw, are you talking about the Nordstrom in seattle? i have to call them again then!
  5. Yes, Nordstrom in Seattle. I can save both sales tax and shipping. I ordered the square vintage and luxury bowler, both in black. My plan is to compare the two and return one. If the square vintage is smaller than the bowler then that will be a deal breaker for me, since I want a larger bag.
  6. bowler for me
  7. I like the bowler!
  8. i worry that the cambon is a younger look and will eventually look dated on me. what do you guys think?
  9. The cambon in black is not really a younger look at all. And the patent CC logo kind of dresses it up IMO. I'm 46 and find that my black/black calf CC really suits my casual lifestyle. I wore it out last night and my friend went crazy over it, and she's not even a handbag person.
  10. I vote for Cambon bowler!
  11. I definitely like the shape of the second one better.
  12. thanks for the opinions, everyone! :flowers:

    i went against popular vote for now... put in a pre-order with Nordstrom for the black square vintage tote, and hopefully will hear back by august.

  13. ^^LOL. Sometimes you have to go with your gut. :lol:
  14. iluvbags,i just can't shake the feeling that the vintage tote would outlast the bowler.
    i think it's just a bit more sophisticated than the bowler, even if the bowler looks cuter on me now.
  15. whats the price compare on these 2 ?