Help me Choose an iPod Case!


Which iPod Shuffle Case?

  1. Black Leather and Gold

  2. Brown Leather and Gold

  3. Cognac Leather & Gold

  4. Red Leather & Palladium

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. It was a toss up between the black/gold or the red/palladium. I eventually picked the black coz I just didn't like the palladium screws on the red one. Look just like normal hardware store screws.
  2. i like the FIRST one and the LAST one... 0o0o they're SO flash! hehehe!!!
  3. lol Thank you ladies! I know, I love the black one because it seems so versatile and the color red is just sexy, lol. So torn! I'm not sure I want palladium though. .I really like the cognac. .
  4. I love the red leather and palladium :yes:
  5. I like the red!!!
  6. Slowly falling madly in love with the red. .
  7. I am loving the brown! It is gorgeous:love:
  8. I like the brown one too
  9. First and last are my favs, but I agree the screws look kinda weird on the silver/red one. Sooo... my final vote is for the gold/black.
  10. i like the first one.
  11. I like the brown or cognac

    Black is the typcal color
  12. Love the cognac. :heart:
  13. I like the last one the best :love:
  14. Brown Burnished Leather and Gold

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