Help me choose a Novak Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!


Help me choose a Novak Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  1. Woven Novak

  2. Plain Novak

  3. Yuck hate them both!

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  1. I looooooooooove the Novak bag! But I can only get one! Which one would you choose? I love the woven one because it's so different but I'm worried that it's only good for the summer. Is the plain one too plain? Which one would you get!
    wovensand.JPG plainsand.JPG
  2. I think the woven one has much more "depth." The lines of the Novak are simple and straight forward enough that the woven body of the bag adds interest to me. And I've noticed that the leather on the Novak is a bit soft, so it can have a tendency to scratch. The woven leather is less likely to scratch and to show scratches.
  3. ITA!:flowers:
  4. oooh goodie! I like the woven one better too. Does it look like an old lady bag? (I like old lady bags though. hee hee!)
  5. I like the plain one better. To me the wowen one is a spring/summer bag :/

  6. I also like the plain one more, it's just goes with everything and so elegant. Only I'd get the black Novak, in my opinion it's more classy.​

  7. i like the plain one.
  8. Woven for me! :biggrin:
  9. I like the all leather one better. Simple, elegant and year round.
  10. IMO bags should be FABULOUS! Never practical or simple.

    I am in MAD LOVE:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: with the Novak that has the twisted knitting::love:

    I would sell my first child if this bag came in a more fun colour (just kidding Kael - I love you ;))

    The 2 you listed are OK but a little boring.
    Just my opinion =)

  11. See - wouldn't it be faboo in PINK.
    I'll let Alexander know next time we do lunch ;)
  12. Plain for me.
  13. I really love this bag. Out of the two choices you posted I'd pick the plain one. However, I like this bag best in either black or red.
  14. I love this bag, and partial to the plain.
  15. Go for the plain but get the lipstick red - sooo glam, i'd feel like a hitchcock heroine carrying it.