Help me choose a color

  1. :sad2: its my first time to buy a b bag im choosing between lilac, bluet or cognac city .... has anyone seen the cognac ? is it reddish brown i hate reddish leather ... how bout the lilac or bluet?
  2. Welcome!!! I personally love the bluet (or cornflower)- its gorgeous!!! But to get a better idea of the colors, go to:

    Cognac is beautiful, lots of distressing, but gorgeous. It is not reddish, but more caramel. But you can always find a cognac/brownish bag, so if you want something fun for summer- go for hte cornflower or lilac. Or all three:love::lol::lol:
  3. thanks jag i love color of your b bag is that ink?
  4. Thank you! Yes, that is ink! You can't go wrong with b-bags, they are the most versatile and lightweight bags I have ever carried. Its an addiction though, and one that I am trying to tame. Otherwise, I would end up with every color! You will love them no matter what color you decide!
  5. im checking out the website that you mentioned thank you :smile: how does the color ink look in daylight i like it :smile:
  6. Ink changes from deep blue, to a deep purple in come lights- its amazing! And then in cooler lights, it turns almost black! It's a total chameleon- and SOOOO versatile! I just love this color more and more!

    P.s. That website has a TON of information on everything you would want to know on Balenciaga. It's an amazing resource!
  7. Personally I wasnt crazy about the 2006 colours, the only 2 colours I like from this year are the Ink and Cornflower (bluet). These 2 are by far the nicest and most versatile.
  8. My vote goes to cornflower. I think it is just lovely!
  9. thanks guys has any of you seen the lilac is it a light color?
  10. jag how many other colors do you have?
  11. I only have the ink- but I bought it after much research and looking around (hope I did not give you a different impression-sorry if I did) After carrying the ink city- I immediately wanted more and more! But, I have had to really resist buying all the bags that I want because I want to wait for the new fall colors (love truffle) and am saving for a birkin. If I could, and had unlimited funds, I would seriously buy several because I just enjoy my b-bag sooooo much!~
  12. no you did -- really liked the ink ..... bluet and cornflower is the same? have you seen the actual bluet is it a dark blue or light blue?
  13. hey guys have any of you seen the actual lilac and the actual bluet ... is it light pink (lilac) how bout bluet -- light blue or dark blue ?
  14. hey jag sorry wrong typing no you did not influence me thanks your so nice :smile: after seeing you ink i love it
  15. I really :love: love the blues! Here is a pic of my indigo twiggy and as you see in my avatar I have an apple city.:biggrin:
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