Help me choose a color for a Belt bag

  1. you are going to LOVE the light taupe! I bought in Italy a few years back and am still obsessed. I also wear denim all the time and never had an issues with color transfer.

    Can't wait to see photos!
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  2. Can't wait to see the photos! I also have light taupe and absolutely adore it.
  3. So I ordered the mini and micro to compare. Here they are on me. Having trouble deciding which to keep. In the second to last photo I put the strap from the mini on the micro bag just to see how it would look if I had the micro strap shortened.

    Any thoughts?
    0F8CAD96-01A6-4CF1-8ADB-493A7C31ADE6.jpeg 2DCB295A-A766-4C68-8F5D-53F980B789A0.jpeg 36A05F08-935E-4586-9A78-8F3D4EEEC1C3.jpeg 540C3E16-6DDF-41C8-9451-25C1AAF491EF.jpeg 05D155A0-393E-46C8-8F50-E7CD2FD867A7.jpeg BC7F1373-8997-43F2-A2AB-922B1E068126.jpeg B819B1D8-1F87-4C10-91FA-780EC961D8BA.jpeg
  4. Micro 100%!
    The Mini looks way too big on you IMO
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  5. I’ll take some more pictures because I think that mirror skews things lol. The micro feels a little small and the mini feels a little big, but I definitely prefer the strap on the mini and it’s nice that it has feet.
  6. Another comparison. Please excuse the background mess, I’m packing for a trip.
    5D3D9C2F-AD17-40D8-8515-8976DF6CDE5C.jpeg 64EF1BB8-AE7C-48D0-8659-B35DDA899EA4.jpeg
  7. i think the mini also looks good on you. is it very heavy?
  8. Thanks, I like both! I’m leaning towards the mini because I own a nano luggage and I can’t think of a situation where I would choose the micro belt over my nano luggage - it does fit more but I’m still limited if I were to need several of the items I typically carry at the same time.

    The mini belt feels comparable in weight to the micro luggage. I think it’s fairly light for its size.
  9. The other thing I would note is that filling the micro belt with heavy items (like a water bottle) would make me nervous. It feels like a small bag meant to carry fewer and lighter things so I wouldn’t want to weigh it down for fear of straining the bag. However, the mini definitely feels sturdy enough to carry heavier items and it wouldn’t be unbearable. I wouldn’t want to go for a long walk with it filled up lol but for errands by car, taking to work, shopping, etc I think the mini is a reasonable weight even with some heavy things inside.
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  11. clearly your heart is with the mini :smile:
  12. I think I do love the mini but am worried it's not proportionate on me. I guess I wish I were built more for this bag haha
  13. I still think the Mini is a bit too big for you
  14. The mini looks good on you :smile:
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  15. I also think the Mini overwhelms your frame. It all depends on how you will wear it - are you in a region where you’re wearing lighter clothes or coats most of the year? If you mostly wear jeans and thin shirts I think the Micro fits you perfectly, especially on your shoulder. For bigger bulkier items the Mini would maybe look more proportionate. But as is in the photos it is a little overwhelming.

    I also think the Belt bag doesn’t work too well as an oversized bag, but that’s just my opinion. Good luck deciding!
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