Help me choose a color for a Belt bag

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  1. I haven’t heard of the vinegar treatment for jeans, but I looked it up and might have to try that (just for the sake of the jeans lol). Thanks so much for your thoughts, I think the taupe probably fills the need for a light neutral better, but I still love that gray and would less concerned with wear. Glad to hear your other light colored Celine bags haven’t had any issues.
  2. You're welcome :smile: sounds like you have yet to decide...

    If you are looking to preserve the life of your jeans I also recommend cold washing without detergent and no heat - tumble dryer or iron. My older jeans look great still and the stretch hasn't been compromised at all.
  3. Awesome advice, thanks! I'm still undecided on the bag. I'm leaning towards light taupe but am still concerned with wear/color transfer as I've read some reviews that say this is an issue. I think if wear were not an issue I would choose the light taupe!
  4. I wish I could have both haha. How has the light taupe held up so far for you?
  5. No wear at all so far. Grained leather seems to be less absorbent so not too high maintenance on a lighter colour.
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  6. Sure, I can try and do that for you on Sunday!
  7. Thank you so much!! :nuts:
  8. These are accurate photos of both of my bags, outside, so the colours are spot on to real life (I'm using a Macbook Pro for my screen and their accurate to that). I hope that helps! Clay is more neutral as it has more grey undertones, Dune is more beige as it has yellow undertones. I don't believe Clay is available anymore though, as when I got the Micro Belt Bag in Clay it was the only one left in Europe. I had to put it on hold at Dover Street Market in London back in April. They have Light Taupe though available and it's very similar to Dune, just not as yellowy.

    celine-micro-belt-bag-clay-review.jpg My-New-Celine-Nano-Luggage-In-Dune-Review-9.jpg
  9. I have both, the Light Taupe Nano Belt and the Grey Nano Belt as well! Both wear nicely! I spray my designer bags with Collonil before using them the first time and I had no issues with colour transfer yet. I was very unsure of the light taupe because I live in jeans, I wear nothing else than dark blue denim jeans.
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  10. Btw, here is a photo of the Light Taupe in natural daylight

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  11. Thank you so much! This picture is really helpful. I think I’ve pretty much decided on the light taupe! Now I just need to decide on a size lol. I like the strap length and the overall look of the mini belt, and I like that the nano has an adjustable strap. So I think I’ve maybe ruled out the micro since the strap length is so long that I would end up hand carrying and I already have a micro luggage to fill that purpose. I guess I have to decide if I would get more use out of a smaller bag or a larger bag. I have a nano luggage in black and love that but the nano belt looks even smaller...
  12. So glad I could help you! You‘re totally right about the Micro Belt, I tried it on and the strap length just looked awkward.

    I had a Mini Belt and ended up selling it again because I wasn‘t the biggest fan of such a huge flap bag that‘s carried on the shoulders. I found it quite difficult to use, it really kept annoying me. Totally love the look of the Mini Belt still and looks amazing on the shoulders but it was too annoying for me.

    I have never tried a Nano Luggage on but I feel like the Nano Belt might actually be around the same size, maybe even bigger than the Luggage tbh. I was quite surprised as to how much the Nano Belt fits inside!
  13. Great information, thanks again! I'm petite (5'1, 110lbs) so I definitely can't deal with an awkwardly long strap length. The nano luggage has a long strap but the bag is smaller than the micro belt so it doesn't look/feel terrible. I think with a bag larger than the nano luggage, a strap that long would be unusable for me.

    I don't tend to be in and out of my bags a lot so I think I could deal with the mini belt, but it's valuable to hear your review. I think I might see if I can order the nano and mini belt bags to compare and keep whichever I prefer!
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  14. Thank you so much! The clay is oh so gorgeous! I really wish they would start making it again (Yes, I know, highly unlikely), it might be the most perfect color that I can even imagine. The light taupe is nice too, ofc, I love it on others, but it looks very wrong on my skin tone unfortunately, too warm, so that one is ruled out unfortunately. The clay would really be the perfect neutral on me. I tried a phantom luggage in clay once and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Unfortunately I didn't have the budget for in at that moment. My heart still breaks thinking about it. The one that got away. Ive even tried looking for the color it on pre loved sites (And Ive never bought pre loved and would really prefer not to, as it feels much safer to buy in store, but this bag is too gorgeous to at least not give it a google search.) but it seems really hard to find.
  15. Just to update everyone - I decided on the light taupe and will post pictures when I receive my bag! Thanks again for all your thoughts and advice.