Help me choose a color for a Belt bag

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  1. C73E0330-0A0C-4A67-B010-8B716E3DC247.jpeg 331C7AB8-AE46-45BA-B3B9-A9CA2DE14E3B.jpeg Hey everyone,

    I’m thinking of getting the Belt bag in the nano or micro size. I can’t decide which color to get, so wanted to hear some thoughts from everyone here. I have black bags and a tan micro luggage, so I’m looking for a lighter neutral that will pair well with lighter/bright summer dresses but work year round.

    What do y’all think?
  2. I love the top one!
  3. Both are gorgeous, but I think the one from the bottom would do a better job at what you’re looking for. Anyway, you cannot go wrong with any of them!
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  4. Both bags are gorgeous but I like the bottom one for summer dresses.
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  5. Thanks so much! Is anyone familiar with how well the lighter color belt bags hold up in terms of getting dirty or color transfer?
  6. I love the bottom one.
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  7. I don’t personally own a Belt Bag (would love to), but I can tell you that all my light colored (white, beige, pink, even red) bags and shoes I own have inevitably suffered from color transfer (especially from denim) regardless of the brand and leather type. By the way, I read that it helps to use a damp white cloth and rub it against your jeans, but I haven’t tried it.

    Sometimes some alcohol free baby wipes have done the job, sometimes not, but I may try someday some of the products the ladies have recommended over here. There are many useful threads covering this issue and I’m sure they’ll be much more helpful than my personal advice.

    Overall I think it’s just part of having a light colored bag and I’ll just try to keep them as clean as possible and wear them on the same side always. Hope that helps a little!
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  8. I have the Micro Belt Bag in Clay, which is very similar to the Light Taupe, and I have a Nano Luggage in Dune, which is similar to Light Taupe too. Both hold up so well, I haven't had any issues. They rarely get stained or damaged, but I am not heavy handed with my bags. The light colours are a great investment, and pretty sturdy compared to Chanel etc. so my vote is Light Taupe! It's so versatile and goes with everything, it looks so chic!
  9. Thanks for this, that’s really helpful. I actually don’t own any light colored bags right now, so I’m totally unfamiliar. I wear a lot of denim and would like to be able to wear the bag with any outfit without having to worry.
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  10. I wear a lot of denim so the possibility of color transfer concerns me. Have you had any color transfer on your clay belt?
  11. I live in denim too, literally live in it every day, and I've not had any transfer issues. I've worn my Nano Luggage in Dune with black jeans so many times. It might depend on the denim itself though and how well they are dyed. I wear mostly COH and PAIGE and haven't had any transfer issues, but I couldn't say for cheaper jeans as I don't know how well the colour is locked in to the fabric. I know some denim does bleed a lot, so perhaps wear it with jeans you've owned for a while and washed a few times, or light blues to start with?
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  12. Oh, I love the belt bag in clay, and the dune is gorgeous too! Would you mind posting some comparison pictures of the two?
    Also, could you please give me the color code of clay? :flowers:
  13. Very helpful, thank you!
  14. You said it yourself, you wanted a lighter neutral. I had the same dilemma when choosing my Mini Belt, but decided on the Light Taupe. It is gorgeous and I don't regret it, but want the Grey too now :P
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  15. I have the grey in mini size and I’ve no issues with colour transfer. I’ve also got a nano belt and a micro luggage, in colours little darker than white and again no issues. But I spray my bags with carbon pro and always treat my denim, whatever price they are, with vinegar to stop any dye bleeding.

    Both are all year round colours and I adore grey but I think light taupe is slightly prettier/more feminine for summer dresses. It’s a colour I wished I had bought as well as the grey.
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