Help me choose a collection....


Which collection is a keeper?

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  1. Please vote based on pictures. Thanks!!
    pics 001.jpg pics 002.jpg pics 003.jpg pics 004.jpg pics 005.jpg
  2. I think I like Option 2 the best but I might switch out one of the metallics!
  3. Option 2 because I love pink! (esp your neo speedy!)
  4. option 2 has all of the bass covered, do you need 2 blue b bags? or 2 mc LV's?
  5. i wanna say 3, but it doesnt have your miroir lockit...maybe 2 then~
    i esp like your lockit, ursula, fuschia neo speedy
  6. I am loving option #4!
  7. I voted for # 2. I saw an Ursula IRL yesterday and wasn't too crazy about it. But that's just my opinion, of course.:smile:
  8. Thank you ladies- it is very very much appreciated!

    Would it matter that the Violet First comes in Agneau which is LAMB- which is totally different than what's traditionally been released for non LE colors?

    Or does it matter that Fuschia Neo Speedy is never to be produced again and absolutely sold out worldwide?
  9. Looks like I am the minority here -- I vote for Option 1. It doesn't matter to me whether the bag is limited or no more in production. I like it because of its design, shape and quality. I love every single one in Option #1. Of course I like other bags in other options. Can't you keep them all? :tup:
  10. Thank you HandbagAngel- sometimes my head gets caught up in the whole LE thing.

    I'd keep them all if I could but other important things come up all the time and I must downsize!
  11. Option one Option one!!! I've fallen hard for balenciaga so i can't in good conscious tell you to get rid of a single b-bag.
  12. I voted #3. I love the black MC pieces & the pink speedy!
  13. TWO. TWO. TWO!

    You know you want two. *Nudge.
  14. Alaska, I personally like #1. I love your collection there. Nice and diverse, yet true to balenciaga:yes:
  15. Yes!

    I voted 2!